Hungarian exodus

The Orange regime borrowed €1.75 billion from the market, not to pay teachers, but to buy back Budapest International Airport. He bought the loss-making red mobile phone operator with previously transferred funds, and although the Orange regime was able to find money for this, it could not find money to pay teachers. Dictators are small people too, and also the most important thing for them is their own well-being. A poor man from the end of the village looks out over the countryside from his castle in Buda and unscrupulously makes fools of and plunders the Hungarian people. They are a perfect subject for plunder, because historical traumas have eroded his inner reserve, robbed him of his moral sense, and he is all too prone to choose the crooked path over the straight one, because corruption is a bad habit that has been entrenched for centuries in Central Europe. Yesterday, I had a very enlightening experience, as the lost countryside showed its remaining values. At the public employment fair, where many public workers were present, I saw a picture of an underdeveloped country and a county that is vegetating from agricultural production. I was horrified to see faces and fates, including my own.
In one image, I managed to capture the extremism of the Orange regime looking for border guards and what people are left in a region in decline. Of course, there are still young people in ever decreasing numbers, but 100% they will leave because the Orange regime has long regarded the Hungarian people as nothing more than a "human resource". This is not a relationship of equals, but an unequal relationship of violence between the cotton baron and the slave who is kidnapped from his homeland. In vain have I been writing for months, in vain have I represented the civilian ideal of independence alone, when I myself am dying in the unequal situation, because there are not enough people to resist the violent self-interest and the devouring of the country by the mad nightmare of one man and his profiteers! Those who stay here may know that certain death awaits them. Just try to find a doctor in time for a life-threatening physical ailment or survive a hospital infection. Or any professional who is truly conscientious and not looking to rip you off as much as possible. Lack of morality leads to an early death. Ignoring reality also leads to an early death. If you do nothing, you are guaranteed to die.

The country of missed opportunities

The suicide nation

At the breakpoint

I am a victim of climate change

May 16, 2019 is a nice memory of a perfect mushroom tour, on which we all had a good time and picked wonderful mushrooms. Of course, I was depressed even then, because there were clear signs of the negative effects of the rapidly changing climate. In September 2017, for example, an amazing chain of thunderstorms swept through the mountains, which completely crushed and destroyed my favorite mushroom place at 1,000 meters. This 2019 late spring mushroom tour was a sweet reminder of the abundance of yesteryear. Human has countless illusions, it is never a wrong to lose them, but losing nature is seriously life-threatening for us. It hurts me that I couldn't slow down the negative process with my blog and I have to see everything fall apart. This is a pain that only I feel, I can't share it with anyone, no one cares too. This is also one of the valuable experiences of human life, that we are really alone. No one can escape from himself/herself. And there is nowhere to escape from climate change either. I watch as the habitats where I used to pick mushrooms are destroyed, and this has made my green project, which gave me a small chance of life, impossible. And I loved doing it! Physical and emotional loss burden me at the same time, while am surrounded by total indifference. Of course, I understand the reason for this, everyone is starting to feel that the situation is becoming more and more threatening. Everyone is looking for their own escape route and surrounds themselves with countless illusions, they still cling to the intoxication of consumption, that financial security(?) protects them. I don't expect anything good. I lock the values inside myself. I alone preserve human values and enjoy the good things in life. This is the test that I have to bear for the rest of my life. This is the bitter cup I must drink. So be it, I've seen enough, I know almost everything that is necessary to be able to exist and follow my inner motivation as I please. It doesn't need anyone but me.

This song is perfect for the end of this article, because I feel like I'm in a survival game, which is so ridiculous that it's a shame to waste more words on it.

Human values

My theme today is human values, which we are increasingly forgetting. Yet we need to cultivate and pass on these values in order to live a life worthy of human beings. I managed to sum up my article in one sentence. There are so many different human values, but I will mention five that I practice myself: self-awareness, empathy, gratitude, interest, creativity. Values are closely linked to the good things in life. Now you may think that I am talking to you out of some kind of Edenic state, but you are wrong, I am not in the best shape financially or physically at the moment, but I have decided to stay human for as long as possible, so even in the last weeks of my dying I will have to be in a lot of pain to lose my human face. As much as possible, I have preserved my freedom, given myself principles and made choices at a price. I know all levels of human life, I've been in many different situations, so I had a world view to build on, and I could clearly pick out the human values and the good things in life. My green blog is part of this long process. I've been building up this material over years, which has required a lot of physical and mental exercise. So, I'm not spewing purple mist from an Edenic state, but I'm writing from two decades of life experience, very much grounded in reality.
How instructive that the young child's work shows basic motifs, as well as signs of imagination and a mythical creature. The sun, the house, the guardian of knowledge are all three powerful symbols, universal in human consciousness, whatever culture or nation we come from. We undeniably share a common knowledge of the human condition, of ourselves, and it is the task of this knowledge to help us connect with each other. But even if you are not willing to face yourself and know yourself, fear will be your partner and you will go mad. The full extent of the destructive work of fear can be studied in Hungary. Sometimes this causes me to cry in hiding. No, it's not fear that makes me cry, it's the sight of its extensive destruction. Today I just half-eyed a few posts during a public video and quickly moved on because the venom of fear was pouring out of people. For a sensitive and open-minded person like me, it is dangerous to let these completely false and distorted opinions into your mind. We are better off discovering universal human values and spending our lives in their spirit.
Creativity in children's drawings is an important quality throughout our lives. Even the organisation of an ordinary weekday requires creativity. Many people associate it with art, but it is an universal human value. On a day at the end of May, it was good to see the children's interest in the magician-musician's performance. They eagerly followed his instructions and sang along or tried to answer the artist's playful questions. In this scene, several human values were revealed. I am not helping you right now, please think about these things. The children's enthusiasm was genuine and pure. Where does this kind of brilliance of our human being disappear? Life also is hard as a child, with many challenges, despite being protected by caring parents for their children. So we cannot blame the sadness of adulthood on hardship. The fact is that we allow ourselves to be broken. Okay, not me of all people, I can navigate between dangerous rocks of life in my little boat, but unfortunately many people run into rocks and lack the resilience to stay together. This would require a more detailed explanation, which would take us away from the original topic of the article. There is an abundant literature available on resilience.
As a middle-aged human looking forward, I am also sorting through the experiences of my past. I also look back to my early years, which brought up a powerful thought for me, every child has the right to grow up in peace. I didn't write security, because that can never be complete, I wrote peace of mind. One of my parents was sadly mentally disturbed and often shouted in his helplessness. As a child, I could not put her alarming behaviour anywhere, which caused me severe stress. This stress was toxic, affecting the development of my nervous system, and the sick parent inadvertently made me ill. As an adult, I have come to understand why it happened, and my only regret is that I was not given a peaceful childhood. I don't blame anyone, because I now know why my parent was the way he was. But a more peaceful childhood would have been a blessing. That is why I consider deliberate fear-mongering a crime, see the postscript to my article. When you are stressed, your body goes into survival mode and you become unable to think. This state is detrimental to you in all areas and certainly shortens your life. And child abuse is even more destructive because it endangers the future. There are many global processes taking place that I watch in amazement and horror. These are beyond the capacity of our disorganised generations of the 1970s, 80s, 90s and our children will have the great task of dealing with them, which they will be unable to do if we harm them.
Life as a process is a phenomenon that effectively defies entropy. It is probably present in many places in the universe, but we can only know life on earth, of which we ourselves are a part. We humans are special in that we are able, through our intricate brains, to wonder about life, ourselves, and to think. As humans, we have multiple roles to play, but it is clear that as a species with a global impact, we have a responsibility to live. I beg you, really, don't think that I'm raining purple mist from Eden! For example, I am watching climate change destroy the habitats of my beloved mushrooms and I know that this negative process is already affecting my life. It's also why I cry in hiding from time to time. I am human, groaning with the weight of life. Despite this, I keep up my strength and do the tasks I have undertaken, not just for the sake of subsistence, because as a human I am only one percent more than the animals. The knowledge that I am able to see through the processes, to see the consequences of my actions, is obliges me to take responsibility and to serve the greater purpose. Of course I could spit on the whole thing, but given that as a social being, the lack of social contact would drive me mad (see the effect of solitary confinement on prisoners), I have to fight for my own well-understood interests. Do not think I am a saint, I am a man who knows his own interests and that is why I speak out when I see worrying developments. The destruction of human values affects all of us negatively me, you, and your children if you have any.

P.S.: The rise of populist shysters deserves a separate article, but that's enough for now. The impact lie is spread a hundred times more than its refutation, the simple truth. This is because the stronger the stimulus, the more our attention is drawn to it, but unfortunately we often don't think about its true meaning afterwards. Brain processes are very energy-intensive, and it saves energy where it can, but there is a downside! The loud populist, self-interest driven scammers are thoroughly fooling people who don't understand why they are in a frighteningly dire situation! And one more thing to take seriously, anyone who creates fear in you to confuse you is not worthy of your trust, as they hurt you by making you feel bad in order to manipulate you further for their benefit! You have only one life, don't screw it up by serving yourself to someone who will destroy you.

To help you arm yourself against negativity, here are five wonderful feel-good songs. The fifth song is so emotional and powerful that it's best to start with it and then listen and understand the rest.

Please think about where you get your information

This is a photo of me from last October. I finished the mushroom tour by showing once again the fruiting bodies of the species.
I worked for years as a mushroom inspector in the market. I have written more than two thousand posts on mushrooms and nature. I did a local mushroom club as a volunteer for six years. I took hundreds of beautiful photos of mushrooms, because I love mushrooms.
When I started mushroom picking as a teenager, the first thing I did was go to the library and borrow a mushroom book. In Hungary, the mushroom picking has been on the rise since the 1950s, after the famine brought on by the World War, many people became ill and some died from wild-picked mushrooms. This is when the mushroom inspector service was set up in the markets. This is a service that has significantly reduced the number of mushroom poisonings. (Of course, despite the good books, I took my collected mushrooms to the local market specialist. I never ate a mushroom that I had not identified. And, of course, he only returned the ones that were edible to begin with.) Over the years there has been a growing demand for mushroom knowledge, many courses have been started and very nice mushroom books published.
So there are plenty of sources of information. Which is risky if you don't check the source of your information! I just read that an amateur shroomer bought a mushroom book online, written by AI.
Really be careful and check the publications! There is no room for error with wild mushrooms, because simple indigestion is bad enough from mildly poisonous mushrooms, and Amanita phalloides poisoning can kill you, see the sad Australian case not so long ago.
In my video from last autumn, I captured the urban death cap fruiting bodies.

Szeptemberi előadások/September presentations

Elkezdődött a meteorológiai ősz, így ideje átismételni az alapvető tudnivalókat a gombákról, hogy felfrissített tudással indulj neki a főszezonnak. Szeptemberre négy előadást választottam ki a mintegy harminc anyagom közül, amik együtt majd száz gombát ismertetnek meg veled. Ezért a négy előadás egy alap gombaismereti tanfolyamnak is tekinthető. Olyan témákat választottam, amik alapvetőek: 20 mérgező-ehető gombapár, A gombafogyasztás kockázatai, 20 könnyen felismerhető gomba, Csiperkék. Azért az Agaricus nemzetség ismertetője a negyedik, mert hazánkban rendkívül népszerűek, és sok kezdő gombász ezeket keresi első gombatúráin, de a csiperkék kissé csalafinták, akadt köztük alapos hasmenést okozó is.
Kérlek, látogasd a blog közösségi oldalát, oda gyakrabban rakok ki bejegyzéseket.
Ha már itt a szeptember, jó szívvel ajánlom figyelmedbe két évvel korábbi gombaturkáló videómat. Online előadásaimban is dettó ilyen vagyok. (A videó magyar nyelvű, elnézést kérek, hogy nincs felirat sem.)

Autumn has begun, so it's time to review the basics about mushrooms so you can start the main season with a refreshed knowledge. For September, I've selected four lectures from my collection of around thirty, which together will introduce you to almost a hundred fungi. Therefore, the four lectures can be considered a basic course in mushroom science. I've chosen topics that are basic: 20 Poisonous-Edible Pairs of Mushrooms, Risks of Mushroom Consumption, 20 Easily Recognizable Mushrooms, Champignons. The reason why the fourth is the genus Agaricus is because they are very popular in our country and many beginner mushroom pickers look for them on their first mushroom trips, but the champignons are a bit of a decoy, some of them causing severe diarrhoea.
Please visit the blog's community page, I will post there more often.
Since it's September, I'd like to recommend you my mushroom-touring video from two years ago. (The video is in Hungarian, sorry for the lack of subtitles.)

My August photos

Please click on the picture to see it in full size! It shows the Sas constellation with a detail of the summer Milky Way. On the evening of the twenty-second, I went out into the garden with the camera attached to the tripod, on which I put the professional, high-power lens. It already showed me the Milky Way despite the city light pollution. If I am still alive in 2024, I will definitely go to a place in the world where the central part of the Milky Way, the core of the disc of our galaxy, can be clearly observed. Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the fact that we are in a giant galaxy, and if I look up at the autumn sky, I can see the approaching Andromeda galaxy, which after billions of years will start a complicated gravitational-dance with the Milky Way and the two large galaxies will become a larger, but barren, elliptical galaxy. Please look up the evolution of the galaxies, it's very interesting.
In the 32nd week of the year, there was a series of astronomy programs in the country organized by the Hungarian Astronomical Association and several smaller associations and planetariums, which also mobilized amateur astronomers in large numbers. I went to the program in Csaba. And what bad luck, just then a thunder cloud danced right above us, the remnants of which covered a large part of the sky even at ten in the evening. The DSLR frame had the 18-55mm kit lens, which I held freehand. I was glad I managed to get a good picture. In 2024, there will also be a series of astronomy programs in August. But if everything goes well and my plans succeed, I won't be in Hungary anymore. It is very instructive for me how associations dealing with education and the good things in struggle to survive. I have no desire to participate in this tragedy in the sequel. I have only one life.
I photographed Conocybe deliquescens on the first of August and I was particularly happy with this mushroom, because it only grows in abundant dew and withers by midday. On the first day of the month, I took photos of some mushrooms, but it was not the mushroomiest day in August. What's sad is that there was no point in picking mushrooms at all, I didn't even want to go to the mountains, because it doesn't rain enough in the mountains either. We received 41 mm of precipitation, which was not sufficient at all considering the strong evaporation. It did not alleviate the severe water shortages of 2021 and 2022 at all! I could observe this in my excellent urban mushroom habitat, which remained extremely dry despite the "lots" of summer rainfall! The climate change is an extremely powerful process that affects the entire planet and is changing the lives of people everywhere. Nevertheless, I do everything to "save" myself.
In the middle of August, there was a crop wave here as well, but the mushrooms really hit you there, where 100 mm of rain fell. It's fantastic that I could see shaggy parasol Chlorophyllum rhacodes, Medusa mushroom Agaricus bohusii, giant puffball Langermannia gigantea. Agaricus bohusii is a protected mushroom in Hungary and an important character species of my local mushroom field. The fruiting bodies reminded me of the recent past, when it was a great experience to deal with mushrooms, but climate change really ruined my green project. But I'm glad that there were rains in August, the mushrooms grew and I was able to enjoy the greenery a little. I haven't moved out of the city since I became fatally poor, I'm tied to a place and have adventures in my head. I am taking photos and writing a novel while looking for work in Western Europe. See some more photos from the August material of my 2023 photography project.

I gave it with pleasure

The eyes do not lie in my case. On 26 August 2017, I took my self-portrait with the Canon PowerShot A630, which I received from a shroomer-friend in February that year and which has once again become a useful tool for me. I have always appreciated the useful, the good, the beautiful. This will not change, as I was born with such a nature. In 2017, I came across a book that sparked a sense of local patriotism in me. I have leafed through the 'Körös-Sárréti útikalauz' several times with amazement. Published in 1984, it was worked on by several local experts in collaboration with nature walkers. I was only six years old in the year it was published, but living in a small flat in a panel apartment I wanted a lot to go and explore outdoor, and when I first visited Póstelek on a school trip in May, I was captivated by its green atmosphere. As long as the hot, dry summers and low precipitation winters (no snow cover!) of climate change didn't start to visibly damage the vegetation, it was a joy to explore the green and see the sights. I loved adding to the blog.
All photos in this article are from six years earlier. The 'Mályvádi hike' takes you right around 'Kétkörösköz', my mushroom "kingdom", which has now changed considerably and gone into decline. In my photo how big the green is and how small the people are! It expresses well our dependence on nature, which surrounds us and provides us with all the good things we need to live. I will have to watch the decline of green that will inevitably reach us and cause us considerable hardship, ultimately caused by our irresponsible use of the land and other blind acts for our own comfort. But I've already written about this several times, this one is on a different subject. That I loved what I did. My green mission was true and I gave it my all. The heyday of the blog was between 2012-2017. Just scroll through the archives and you'll find dozens of articles about the amazing fungi. It was exciting to research mushrooms offline and online and share more and more interesting facts about them.
Here, for example, is the chicken of the woods Laetiporus sulphureus, a fierce eater of trees, but its fruiting bodies are a special treat in the state shown in my photo. Unfortunately, it was on the other side of a ditch, out of reach. I have often eaten them gently precooked and then breaded. This is another good memory, as vivid as if it had just happened today. It is normal I feel a grief. At the end of 2022, I stopped actively mushrooming because I realised that climate change was dealing a fatal blow to my green mission. I haven't found my new job yet, drifting in one place and clinging to another dream that has also haunted me since childhood, storytelling. Of course, I can't stay like this, because I literally crush myself and am simply killed by the duality of learned helplessness and grief. I've also written a few times about the Hungarian mentality, that we are an abusive wreck of a society, incapable of dialogue, truth-telling, real struggle and action shoulder to shoulder. I have confronted the pattern that has been beaten into me, jumped over my shadow when I spoke out for mushrooms, and organized a small community and led many, many tours in addition to writing articles.
It was a warm summer day six years ago, but today there is a third-degree heat alert, with temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius in the shade here and there in the county. This heat is too much for our native trees, they are dying in droves. Many of our favourite fungi live in association with trees, and when tree partners dies, so does the fungus. It is very depressing to see the decline. I have not been able to stand in the way of the inevitable, because as a human being I am part of a civilisation that has taken a heavy toll on nature. Confused, I spin around, wondering what I should do, how best to stick to my principles and save myself, so that I can do something bigger for the mushrooms. I need to go higher up the spiral, not staring into the abyss, but upwards, setting a new goal. I did so many things, I really jumped my shadow when I am an introvert with avoidant personality disorder, but I went out to give lectures on mushrooms. When one realizes a truth, how precious nature is, how it gives us life, then fear is surpassed by awe. One must not forget that one has a larger part and responsibility for life. Recognizing this makes us more than what is instilled in us by an oppressive system that needs unwitting puppets (consumers). This is also a topic I have written about several times and is not part of my current writing.
Also in 2017, the clayey black soil of the county dried very quickly in the hot weather. The small fruiting body of the ruby bolete Hortiboletus rubellus emerged from the cracked soil, showing us an example of perseverance. Mushrooms have an impressive vitality. I know for a fact that they can survive a man-made climate disaster. Climate change is a very serious threat to higher organisms and to us. Even I can't fully grasp the magnitude of the problem, just enough of what I see happening locally and in the nearby mountains. They also make me panic to add to my personal problems. It's a crisis that either spurs you to strong action that takes you to a higher level, or consumes you prematurely. Anyway, I know what I want to do, but stepping out into the world alone has never been an easy feat. But early time I jumped over my own shadow, I proved by action that there is more to me than I think, trembling with fear. For these videos, I also had to face fear hard, and although I didn't always win, the videos I made show that I triumphed over learned inertia on several occasions. Life is a struggle, how could it be otherwise, when the universe is shaped by incredible forces against which man must stand. Fungi are also wonderful survivors, and humans have everything they need to live fully and preserve life. I couldn't conclude the local section of my green mission with a better closing sentence: be good, love mushrooms and do what you can for life, so that there is a future for humanity.

Így nem lehet élni

Fura a magyar ember, mert kínjában önmagát bántja és bálványozza a kizsákmányolóit, akik a nemzet nevében irdatlan vagyonokat hasítanak ki maguknak a haza testéből. De miért van így? Mindenkinek egyetlen egy élete van. A józan életösztönnek meg kéne akadályoznia, hogy az emberekre rátelepedjenek a szélhámosok. Sajnos, nemzeti sport a mások kárára történő érvényesülés, ami végső soron kizsigereli az országot. Még egyszer, mindenkinek egyetlen egy élete van, amit a józan eszű ember békében szeretne leélni. Ezért kapásból lehetetlenség folytonos "csatazajban" létezni. A narancsos banda folyton veri mérhetetlen farkaséhségében a kondér oldalát és ordibál, hogy azt se tud az Uráltól keletre vagy nyugatra élsz. A betyárok a csárdában mulatnak, avagy a magyarok kinevelték a saját eltorzult lelkiismeretük élő rossz szellemeit. Bizarr megoldás az önostorozásra és a felelősség elkerülésére, amiben van még egy eszement bakugrás, hogy nem a betyárok a rosszak, hanem ők a jók, akik megvédik a magyarokat a tudjukkiktől, akik általában valami ismeretlen oknál fogva, zsidók. (Elnézést kérek, de a magyarok hagymázas észjárása(?) olyan szinten abszurd, hogy most röhögök. De tényleg, mindenhol zsidót látnak, még engem is neveztek annak, pedig tényleg nem vagyok az. Hanem magyar származású európai vagyok.)
Így nem lehet élni, hogy mentálisan zavart emberek felnéznek olyanokra, akik köztörvényes bűnözők. Valahogy a KÖZ megszűnt. Ja, kisajátították maguknak. Törvény? Amióta 2011-ben a betyárok írtak maguknak egy alaptörvényt, hát, az úgy szóval, nincs. Pláne, hogy a törvényesség felett őrködő főügyész is betyár. Van még a világon egy ilyen ország, aminek a népe ennyire szereti bántani önmagát?! Ennyire képtelen felismerni a saját érdekeit? Ennyire szereti, ha terrorizálják?! Mi a fészkes fene történik itt 1990 óta?! Tizenkét éves voltam az első "szabad" választás évében, és 1998-ban húsz évesen szavaztam először, amely májusi napra a mai napig emlékszem. Az érzésre. Elhittem, hogy egy közösség része vagyok és jó érzés volt. Visszanézek fiatalkori önmagamra, és én szégyellem magam a hagymázas bolondok helyett, akik tapsolnak a betyároknak. Mert érzem az árulás terhét. Nem, nem külső erők törnek ránk. Hanem a teljesen közönséges önzés, a kisember tévedése, hogy csak akkor lehet nagy, ha státuszszimbólumokkal bástyázza körül magát. Erre elkeserítő példa a csodacsatár, aki olyan szinten kismagyar, hogy többek közt a budai várba költözött. Aki önmagával békében van, érzi saját magát, a teret, amit kitölt, a hatókörét, annak nincs kényszere pótszerekre.
A lelki gyengeség biztos jele a túl sok bármiből és az is, ha valaki valami külső "eszményben" véli megtalálni az "igazat". Közben tort ül rajtunk számtalan bűn. Nem kezdem el felsorolni, mert megszakad a szívem. Így nem lehet élni. Hogy többek közt, nekem mint állampolgárnak semmi esélyem a maffia-kormánnyal szemben. Amikor egy szervezet a saját kedve szerint formálja a törvényeket: visszamenő törvénykezés, salátatörvények, egy éjszaka áttolt törvények, nem éppen a normalitás és kiszámíthatóság, valamint a megbízhatóság jelei. Nekem már ennyitől hidegrázásom van, de valahogy a magyarok zöme azt hiszi, hogy ez rá nincs hatással. Én nem vagyok egy túl okos ember, tényleg csak józan paraszti eszem van, de látom, hogy ez így ROSSZ. Ilyen mértékű torzulása valaminek, mindig veszélyes. A magyar nemzet nem külső erők miatt van nagyon nagy bajban, hanem a belső romlása miatt. Nincsenek normák. Az erkölcs? Mi az? Hagyjuk már a kereszténységre hivatkozást! Basszus, ez a nép Jézust is vagonba lökte volna, ha pechére erre jár 1944-ben.
Mentálisan zavart emberekkel kevés dolgot lehet tenni. Képtelenek még az önvédelemre is, és becsicskulva a bántalmazónak annak szavára bármikor csőcselékké állnak össze. A hangos kisebbség, ami érzi a vesztét, mert a 21. században életképtelen. Nem is érti, hogy mi minden változott meg, és micsoda elképesztő folyamatok zajlanak. A vesztét érezve bárki megzakkanhat, pláne hogy előtte torz minták hatására már elcseszte az életét, de nem ezekre a hangoskodókra kéne hallgatnunk. Hadd lármázzanak. Ami fontosabb, hogy a többség a józan eszéhez kapjon, és belássa, hogy így nem lehet élni. Ne, ne hidd, hogy kibekkeled. Ez már nem működik. A narancs rezsim egészen más technikákkal rombolja a nemzetet és a mohósága félelmetes. Nem tud megállni, mivel nem önfenntartó, abszolút a mi erőforrásainkra van rácuppanva. A mi életünket zabálja fel. Aki teheti, megy. Mostanra érzem, mert látható, a félmillió magyar hiánya. Mind cselekvő ember, aki mégsem tudott ellentartani a hangoskodóknak. Sose voltunk elegen a tényleges rendszerváltáshoz, mostanra túl kevesen maradtunk. Az önsorsrontás bele van égve a magyar néplélekbe. Hiába írom le többször is ebben a cikkben, hogy így nem lehet élni, a magyar nemzet halni akar. Oly sokszor láttam az önpusztítást a környezetemben. Én is lerobbantam, de bennem még bőven van életszenvedély.
Éppen ezért tárgyilagosan látom a helyzetet. Pusztán a fiatalkori önmagammal szemben van lelkiismeretfurdalásom, ahogy emlékeimben megy szavazni és fejében ott a gondolat, hogy a képviselők micsoda bátor emberek, hogy vállalják a közügyek intézését! Annyira ártatlan voltam. És mit tesz az elbaszott magyar nemzet a jelenlegi fiataljaival is, elűzi őket. Sőt, amelyik beszélni mer a betyárok ellen, a rezsim pincsikutyái mocskos szájjal ugatni kezdik. Miért tűrjük el a terrort? Miért hagyjuk, hogy tönkremenjünk? Miért állunk tehetetlenül? Ez az egész egy irracionális rémálom a valóságban. Mikor ébredünk fel és rázzuk le magunkról a rossz minták uralmát? Egy életünk van. Ez az egy lehetőségünk van rá, hogy valóban megtapasztaljuk a saját erőnket a cselekvés során. A passzív hátrálás nem állítja meg a mohó zabálót! Az bizony tör előre. Ez pont olyan mint nézni a rákos daganat növekedését. Jaj, de szép. Hát nem az, hanem halálos. Talán nem is véletlen, hogy olyan sok a rákos megbetegedés. Az elfojtott jogos harag benyelve a passzívat morzsolja fel. Pedig ezt az erőt ki is lehet ereszteni és meglepni az óbégató betyárt. És bizony jó érzés, amikor megveted a lábad és felhorgad benned az ember és kihúzza magát, és akkor ráébredsz, hogy mit is jelent élni. És felkel a nap az ország felett.

Kinek a felelőssége?

Gombaszakellenőrként azon kevesek közé tartozom Magyarországon, akik ismerik a felelősséget. Tettem egy néma fogadalmat a gombáknak, mikor felismertem hasznosságukat, hogy képviselőjük leszek az emberek felé, és törekedni fogok rá, hogy ember és gomba között jó legyen a kapcsolat és egyre többen ismerjék meg a gombák hasznosságát és maguk is legyenek a szószólóik és védelmezőik. Hiszen a gombák az erdei ökoszisztéma részeként a bolygó élővilágának egy nagy darabja, és az egész bioszféra az emberiség életfenntartó rendszere. A bioszféra lát el minket mindazzal, ami az életünkhöz nélkülözhetetlen! A gombák nagyszerű élőlények, amik segítenek megértetni velünk a természet értékét és fontosságát. Az ehető, ízletes termőtesteik pusztán egy picike részét adják csodálatos világunknak, de tény, hogy frenetikusak. Sokszor élveztem magam is a gombák ízeit. Tökéletesen tisztában vagyok az értékükkel, a szolgálatom céljával, és a felelősséggel, amivel együtt jár a munkám/küldetésem. Tisztában vagyok önmagammal, a helyemmel a világban, és tisztán látom a szűkebb környezetemet, hogyan pusztítja az öncél, a restség és az ostobaság.
Gombász és művész vagyok. Művészként figyelek, emlékezek, összegzek és szólok. Teszem ezt évek óta. Legutóbb március 6-án írtam a magyarországi helyzettel kapcsolatban. Sokan elképesztően buta módon azt hiszik, hogy ha a saját dolgukkal törődnek, élhetnek egy rezsimben. Tévednek. Persze az első nagy tévedés az, hogy 1990-ben rendszerváltás volt, nem, módszerváltás történt. A szovjet megszállás káderei sikeresen átmentették kapcsolatrendszerüket, aminek jele a keleti függés és érthetetlennek tűnő viselkedése a nemzeti ökörbékának. Senki sem emlegeti rajtam kívül, de a Visegrádi Négyekből való kizuhanás egyik történelmi szintű vétsége. Oh, a történelem nem ért véget, a cselekvő ember veszítette el erejét belehülyülve a kényelembe. A magyarok 1956-tal végleg elveszítették gerincüket és jelenleg Európában az ukránok a szabadságszerető nép, a magyar mélyen behajolt a Horthysta szélhámosnak, aki őszintén bevallotta, hogy ilyen hagyományok nélküli családból származik, se polgári, se paraszti mintákat nem láthatott. Hát na szépen kérem, szovjet káderképzőbe való alapanyag volt és a KGB szépen fel is karolta és több mint harminc éve rontja a levegőt a Kárpát-medencében. Az orosz tél hosszú, és a birodalmi (rém)álom soha nem érhet véget, ahogy a magyaros téveszme sem, hogy mi vagyunk hivatottak Közép-Európa vezetésére. Hűha, itt valakinek bilibe lóg a keze.

Nem maradt mára semmi más mint a mákony, a téboly és a hazugságok. A magyar nemzet lejtmenetben van. Az életrevalói mind a saját érdekükben elhagyják az országot. Egyébként nagy a jövés-menés, abszolút átalakulóban van a népesség, amit megfejel a maffia-kormány vendégmunkás behozatala, de eleve dobott egyet a kötvénybiznisszel is, vagy az itt héderelő orosz és kínai ügynökökkel. Lehetne sorolni, hogy mi minden is történik a bávatag nép orra előtt, amiről juszt se akar tudomást venni. De tessék csak ünnepelni, részt venni a skanzen extrád műsorban mint bennszülött! Ez az önfényező hazugság amúgy is kedves a tesze-tosza magyar embernek. Én ki nem megyek a városba. Reggel körbejártam, gyarapítottam a 2023-as fotós anyagomat, és most a cikk írása után a házi munkákat fogom elvégezni, aztán főzök, majd ebéd, kis pihenés és dolgozok az egyik regényemen. Kizárom a szűkebb környezetemet a saját érdekemben és a saját dolgommal törődök. Magyarország elveszett. Minek is foglalkoznék olyasmivel, ami reménytelen. Pedig tisztában vagyok a felelősségemmel, de azzal is, hogy mekkora a hatóköröm és én nem kergetek hazug elképzeléseket. És nem is keserítem tovább magamat. Az élet rövid és oly sok a teendő. Vállald fel a sorsodért te is a felelősséget!

Szombaton írtam haragomban. A vármegye szolgalelkű használata volt az utolsó csepp a pohárban nálam.

Aki ember/polgár, a saját akarata szerint él.
Aki báb/zsellér, földig hajol a hatalomnak.

Aki ember/polgár, saját történetét írja.
Aki báb/zsellér, 1000 éves múltat emleget.

Aki ember/polgár, demokráciát akar, mert tudja, hogy mi az.
Aki báb/zsellér, egypárti elnyomást vél egyetlen rendnek.

Aki ember/polgár megyét mond.
Aki báb/zsellér, vármegyét.

Ui.: Volt egy utolsó szép elképzelésem, de a józan eszem felsorolta a buktatóit, és letettem róla. Csinálja, akinek még van hite. Nekem nincs.

"Magyarország komoly bajban van, és nem azért, mert nem jönnek az uniós támogatások, és lassan, de biztosan kiesünk a top 50 fejlett állam közül, hanem az emberek kiégése miatt. Ez egy évtizedek óta tartó probléma, a 20. század történelme túl sok traumát hozott az országnak, aminek nagy részét nem sikerült feldolgozni az emberek pszichéjének szintjén. Ezért tud egy autokrata uralkodni és elkápráztatni a rajongóit. És ott van még a kis nemzet eltűnésétől való félelem, a legtrükkösebb mind közül, ami tovább táplálja a tömeghipnózis erejét. A nemzeti imposztor elveszi, amit akar. Magyarország kicsi, de vezetője hihetetlenül kártékony. A megszállt közmédia a "brainwashing" eszköze. Nincs párbeszéd a társadalmon belül, nincs "brainstorming". Ezért gondoltam arra, hogy vissza kellene hozni a klubokat, ahol értelmes emberek tartanának előadásokat, beszélgetéseket különböző aktuális témákról. Ez lenne a "brainsaving" projekt.
A magyarok, és ez egy globális jelenség, elidegenedtek egymástól. Az internet átka, hogy a 21. századba lépve az algoritmusok buborékba zárják az embereket. Azt hiszed, hogy kommunikálsz, de nem, sőt, ha elmész egy fórumra, ami nálunk jellemzően a kék oldal, akkor azt dühöngésre, egymás hergelésére használják. Nincs értelmes párbeszéd. Ha találok egyet, akkor teljesen meghatódom. Az internet másik hátránya, hogy kiéhezteti a társas lényt, a szociális készségeink elsorvadnak.
Ezért tartom jó ötletnek az offline klubokat. Előadások lennének aktuális témákról, néhány példa: éghajlatváltozás, mesterséges intelligencia, etika, népességváltozás, agyi evolúció, internet, demokrácia stb. Gyakorlatom van, terveim vannak, és persze sok témám van. De mint értelmes ember, szívesen átadom az ötletet, a fejlesztést és a megvalósítást másnak. Azt is tudom, hogy nem a pénz hiányzik, hanem olyan emberek, akik ismerik a közjót, akik tisztában vannak a felelősségükkel, és akik látják, hogy apránként, kitartó munkával lehet haladást elérni."

My July photos

On 11 July, after months, I took my DSLR camera on my daily walk again. But I took the first photo in post on the 18th, when it was a stunning, beautiful, humid dawn. There was so much mist in the air that I couldn't see the water tower 500 metres from my starting point. I took many good pictures in the seventh month of the year, but this simple street scene became my favorite. It has a super green effect, which means I've managed to recreate the wonderful atmosphere of a humid morning. If the weather stays like this, there will be mushrooms, which I would be happy about, because I haven't seen my favourites for a long time. Just on the 11th I photographed two fungi in town, a Russula species and Caloboletus radicans. They were the only two to brave the unpleasant summer weather.
I photographed Lentinus tigrinus on the 26th. This mushroom signaled the start of the fruiting wave, which is progressing nicely. I just looked in my photo folder this year and I took a picture of mushroom on 27 April, so it's been over sixty days without mushrooms in my life. Climatechange has completely ruined the mushroom season, and that's why I stopped mushrooming. I loved it, and it gave me many, many experiences for years. Even though I listen to happy music while writing this article, I am bitter. And even with all my beautiful photos, I am still bitter and disappointed. Why am I writing this post? My blog has been of no use since 2020, and don't think of it in terms of financial gain, its intellectual usefulness has evaporated. Anyway, there remains the fun(?), as much as life can be fun for a useless person. I never thought I would hate it. So what I wrote in the previous post is really your responsibility, because I'm not playing myself anymore. Here are my uninteresting pictures.