"It's not an olive, it's an lpuk and not just any lpuk"

"Merwil never thought that the Ipuk chief engineer (they look like grapes) would disguised as an olive. 'And if I had eaten you?!' 'It's okay, I always wanted to get to know you better.' 'Well, that would have made our relationship intimate right away.' And he thought of a very similar case from the recent past.
It happened at the presidential party when he was searching for a drink. A fan of punch, he discovered it in a crystal bowl on a table filled with earthly delights. However, he was surprised to find tiny grey-green berries floating in the pink drink. Initially, he thought he was hallucinating from exhaustion and decided to dip a glass into the drink. That's when he realized the berries were literally swimming! He understood he was see living beings and, being well-versed in space biology, immediately recognized them as a proven intelligent species.
'Excuse me!'
The berries ceased their water ballet and they got out of the drink. They were lpuks. Renowned for designing and manufacturing miniaturized machines species' had eight prominent engineers on the table. The Ipuks extended their silvery, hair-thin limbs, barely visible to the eyes.
'Look who our sensors have detected! Merwil, the engineer! We would be honored if you joined us for a drink. Yes, have a drink with us.'
Merwil saw the President looking directly at him.
He quickly took the glass from the punch and muttered with trembling hands.
'This is a madhouse, what are you doing here?' said quetly.
The eight Ipuks bounced back into the drink, and he clinking his glass against the bowl.
'We came to help. We have studied the plans of the Earth Protection System and we believe it is explosive.'
'A slightly imprecise formulation of the problem.' he said, pale.
'We listen with interest so that we can help. It is in the interest of human and lpuk to ensure the safety of mankind. That's how close to the Earth's orbit a structure like this is. Very dangerous. It could be trouble.'
Merwil saw the President coming straight towards him.
'Keep pretending to be a berry,' he said quietly and began to sweat. He played poker face pretty badly, or not at all."

It was an excerpt from the dream novel of my youth, 'Star City Roulette', a sci-fi-adventure-romantic comedy. 

It was perfectly normal to dream at 24 years old of a delightfully intelligent and charming young blonde man running or flying or falling from one crazy situation to another. My laughter was that woke me up, because I just couldn't keep following him. This laughter burst out of my heart even now, because Merwil's adventures combined the atmosphere of the 80s and 90s, the movies, the music, the feeling of life, which gradually turned into a kind of technocratic nightmare. Merwil is an aerospace engineer. Oh, those clever associations!
It's even crazier than you think, because while the stakes are high, the president of humanity is a massive xenophobe, but he covers it up by associating with a pokdav diplomat. What's a pokdav like? Imagine the lovechild of a bird spider and a crocodile, only with two heads, a much larger stature and a recently shed predatory and belligerent nature, but with a mind more ingenious than man's. I love the dialogues between Elvir and Supa-Suruat. The pokdav is a sophisticated double talker and of course a "beastly" lover. Of course, there is no overt sexuality in the novel, but the hints alone, as Merwil tries to interpret tantric space sex, or closer inter-species relations, make him realise that the reason why being with most demonstrably intelligent beings is dangerous is because humans are "soft". I unashamedly ridicule hypocritical prudery.

Okay, Merwil is really good looking, absolutely the type that makes me melt, but I never see him as a sexual surrogate fantasy, because he is an ideal, a combination of good things and a hero. When I see something true and good, it's not the animal instincts that awaken in me, but the protectors. Rabbit-hearted Merwil is the hero who first came to me and made me laugh, and he's still doing it.
Oh, Merwil, I would go with you to the other side of the Milky Way to find a great party where we could finally make sense of this madness we call human existence.
I seem to be a hopeless idealist and I will mourn the death of innocence until the day I die.
Just listen to the music and surrender to the feeling of life, which I will give you in a cocktail. Yes, the name of the cocktail is 'Star City Roulette.'

P.S.: And I drop the atom in the end, when the reality was surprisingly faithful to the overwrought atmosphere of my youthful novel.
"Merwil and Barbara Rubedolla, the beautiful holostar, have decided to embark on the most important mission of their lives, to win the  talent contest on
Grenadine human terra."

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