Your indifference and laziness will lead to our downfall

I went out into the countryside with my three students and we had a great time in the beautiful spring weather. The culmination of the discovery of the values of life were two baby bunnies. Of course, I took photos with zoom and for two minutes if we were near them. This is the first time in my 45 years I have seen baby hares, and I may never be lucky enough to see them again. It was a surprise moment, a gift. My students also understood how lucky we were. Fortunately for the bunnies, there were only four of us. Yes, it would have been a problem if my wish came true and there were ten of us in the area. I don't have any other income besides selling my knowledge, and yes, I need some money to buy the most necessary things, like my medicine, so it hurt that I couldn't earn enough today, but I realized it was better for the bunnies. What distinguishes me from other people is that I am able to imagine myself in the situation of another living being and that I see all living beings as having equal value. I respect other living beings, recognize their place in the world and get out of their way. Well, in the world of lies that our civilization has become, the "privilege" of consumption has blinded people.
Human has forgotten something important, that comfort has a price. The rise of the service industry, and how we let the satisfaction of our needs slip out of our control. Honestly, which of us has our own source of fresh water?! After all, clean fresh water is a necessity and depending on a single service provider is a voluntary servitude. Man is no longer the master of his life and is unable to take care of himself and his family on his own. Systems that are completely independent of his influence provide him with the goods necessary for life. Honestly, when was the last time you had a seed in hand and do you even have a small garden to cultivate? The two years of the epidemic have shown how vulnerable the global supply chain is, the two drier years have shown that modern agriculture is also exposed to the effects of climate change and that our highly mechanized world, which depends on energy, may be without electricity in a hot summer because the electrical grid he won't be able to handle too many air conditioners and electric cars! You dare not face the unpleasant truth that you are a puppet of systems independent of you. The myth of the man of action is overturned. There are no more brave heroes, only hysterical consumers.
Climate change is sweeping away our misconceptions, such as that we are masters of the world. No. We are a highly specialized, vulnerable species, which with its excessively high number of individuals and energy-intensive technology puts a deadly weight on the living world. The terrestrial biosphere is no longer able to absorb our waste and supply us with raw materials. The collapse of the ecological chain will hit the population gathered in cities unexpectedly, and they would do well to know that they live in death traps, which become unlivable places with the shutdown of supply systems, where you and tens of thousands more face the fact that they have nothing to live on. It will be an horror experience for you if you are not yet aware of the drastic changes generated by our species, when as a result of them our world changes greatly. If anyone complains that "Hungarians are running out", this is not the danger, but the rapid climate change and the total plundering of resources. Humans, all of us, together drastically transform the living world on earth, we ourselves eats its wonders because we want to live. Well, well, the golden age is over. Reality returns.
There is a lot of knowledge available, as well as serious professional work about our changing world. Find out in your own interest! Because you can change, you can slow down the change! But for this, every person must realize that the supply systems are unsustainable. At least half of the population must get rid of these! We need to significantly reduce our needs! Be very frugal with resources that are running out! The urban lifestyle puts us under interesting mental pressure, the vulnerability to money, the attachment to the supply systems, which can also be considered a chain of slavery. Those who are addicted feel this and are in a completely different state of consciousness. It is difficult to look out of a situation like this at all, to make yourself think, but it is important that you are the first to know that you are in danger. The decline of our civilization is marked by a series of crises. Meanwhile, a new historical era is taking shape. Anyone who has enough insight into the world sees the amazing swirl of the past and the future in the present. But there will be a future. That's for sure. Do you want your child to have a future? Then you have to act, because you do have a responsibility in what our world will be like soon!!! No, you can't point at anyone else.
And now see the simple beauty of the world.

Three morels in a week

I met three species of the genus Morchella in the 13th week of the year. On March 31, I photographed M. importuna in the city, which is a mushroom that grows once on pine bark chips. It got its scientific name from its surprising appearance. It has the same good and unique aroma as its relatives, but it is difficult to collect mushrooms in an urban environment due to pollution. I also looked for other morels in the city, because M. vulgaris and M. semilibera also live in a housing estate, but I haven't seen their developing fruiting bodies yet. But thanks to the surprise rains of the week, the habitat patch was sufficiently soaked, they will definitely be there in a few days.
During today's mushroom tour, we found M. semilibera for the first time. The four of us walked around the castle park. I won't tell you which ones, because unfortunately there are greedy mushroom collectors. Due to the lack of community feeling and respect for nature, human greed dominates them and such people take everything! For example, today's other crumb was completely picked off by an elderly couple in a larger habitat. Well, they were there, everything is free for them. The mushroom is in a nature reserve, so the guard has also seen traces of their activity, and zero tolerance will soon come into effect. Because it is still forgivable if the mushroom picker picks up a few fruiting bodies from the "rare" mushroom for tasting, but to pick everything! No, especially in a protected part!!
M. steppicola is a real specialty because, unlike its forest relatives, it really lives in the open air among the grass. The species arrived from the eastern steppe and indicates the forest-steppe in Hungary. Fortunately, I know exactly where to look and was able to show it to my students in another patch of habitat. Of the 6-8 fruiting bodies, we only picked one, which one of us took home to taste. It was the first time he had met the morel, so it was understandable that he wanted one. We just took photos of the rest. The fruiting bodies of M. semilibera were still very small, they were just starting to grow. In a week, they will be of pickable size.
It's great that spring mushroom aces can grow this year thanks to the surprise rains.