A good day

On Friday, I was frustrated for reasons beyond my control, which depressed me. I have a great sense of justice, and I can't get it through my head, even with a big gourd on my neck, why so many people tolerate the evil that threatens all of our lives. Late Thursday night my throat started to hurt. Some seasonal virus hit me. Despite my sore throat, I went to the market in the morning. Then after the market, I walked around town. I took many photos, edited the best ones. The first picture is of one of my favourite mushrooms, poplar fieldcap Cyclocybe cylindracea. I have several nice photos of it, but I never get tired of taking photos. And I love the autumn habitat photos.
The yellow toadflax Linaria vulgaris one of my favourite wild flowers since childhood. Anyway, I was looking for mushrooms in the Csabapark. I found far fewer than last time. There hasn't been rain for weeks, only the morning mist luring out the most persistent fungi as poplar fieldcap. Despite the few mushrooms and the sore throat, I felt great. I gave myself over completely to the joy of creating. Whether it was photography or writing, I was pleasantly energised by both. Although why did the translator put this last sentence in the past tense? I really enjoy the creation! When I smile from ear to ear, my mind must be buzzing and working on something. I'm never bored, because as a lonely creator, I get my mind working on interesting things.
I walked, I photographed, I thought, I did three of my favourite activities at the same time. The mark of a living person is that he moves. Life actively defies entropy. The universe is moving from order to total disintegration. And life's epic struggle against destiny is futile yet exhilarating. It's just grandiose and it gets me all excited. I feel alive. But most people are puppets on the stage of life, and their intellect and vitality fade before their time. It really pisses me off when I have to make my way through zombies. Then, in an instant, my smiling pumpkin head turns into John Rambo's gloom. I realized a long time ago that society is just like nature, you're either a predator or prey and there's no mercy. Fight or be crushed. I prefer to dodge and disguise myself in my own unique way. Otherwise, I'm a small predator, I think weasel.
I run on the stage of life and collect and acquire my treasures. I can be really bloody when I've got my eye on something. I like to feel life, because while it hurts, I can be sure that I am alive. So don't be surprised when I explode and fly like fireworks. If I see that the dummies are very disturbed by my intense glow, I step aside. I can spend days by myself and not give a damn if World War III breaks out. I'd eat my snacks and sit on a lawn chair and watch the explosions light up the horizon. Oh, in my dreams, I've often seen the doom brought upon us by the misdirected life force. Man is such a contradictory being that, though he loves to live, he desires entropy. My head hurts, my neck hurts, so I babble, but that's what I need to think creatively while I'm tormented by the misery of the body.
I am a spark out of the fire, like all living things. I fly and glow as long as I have energy. Then I go out, I am destroyed. I don't believe in any sweet lies. I know nature, there are no clever puppeteers here, just the fire show of the big bang that became life. Of course, it is frightening to think what death, total annihilation, means. I have a very good imagination, so I have no problem at all imagining my dying and my death. It will be my last adventure. It's not the most beautiful, and I'm sure I won't enjoy it, but as long as it hurts, I'll know I'm still alive. Somehow it's funny and tragic at the same time. That is why I often present myself as the youngest artist, the fool who cries and laughs at the same time, because she sees the bad and the good at the same time, and sees through people who are unable to understand her strange speech.
People mistakenly see autumn as a time of passing. But nature is merely going dormant to get through the winter. When I was a child I was afraid of autumn too, but only because the puppets would start a sad play at the end of October because of some bad tradition. The dead don't care about flowers because they no longer exist. We speak to bones and ashes. As long as we are alive, we should be honest and kind to each other. How many times have I seen the silly charade of my family members' inability to talk to each other! All drowned in their own anger and sorrow. It was despairing to see their senseless drowning and frightening to realize that there was nothing I could do for them. I was a child saving myself. In her imagination, she carved a tiny boat and pulled herself into it to ride out the storm and then learn to ride the waves. The sound of the waves drowns out her cries and laughter. Look, there it goes on the horizon. You'll never reach it and it doesn't want you to. Unreachable, like the truth.

The country of missed opportunities

My early morning, winter photo best expresses the overwhelming feeling I feel now. In 1990, as a twelve-year-old child, I was excited to follow the first free parliamentary elections and would have rushed to vote if I had been old enough. I honestly believed that my country was finally catching up with the West and that oppression would fade into a bad memory. I was a child, I believed in miracles. Then living here, reality shattered my dreams and left me with nothing but empty pockets and despair. I write a pro and con list on every subject, and in my current situation, the con has overwhelmed the pro on my own survival, which means I'm in trouble. And not just me, but hundreds of thousands of others. This is now the big crisis, not like 2008, but comparable to 1933. We don't learn. Once again Hungary will suffer heavy losses and its decline will continue. Oh, the death of a nation is not a dramatic act, but a prolonged decay over decades. We have thrown thirty years out of the window. We missed a historic opportunity.
Pity the words have lost their meaning and weight. It is pointless to write, because reality overrides everything. The wheel of history has been turned and the Hungarian nation is falling behind because it no longer has the strength, the knowledge or the will to change. It has simply run out of energetic, virtuous, good-willed people. All that is left are the small people who have been reduced to mass man, consumers, the right wing, oppressible, intimidatable and deceivable. Gone are our great ones. Oh, don't think that the autocrat is a great man, or the other, who went from cadre to somebody, but not a great man. The tragedy is not the territorial loss of the country, but the loss of human greatness! Man has been lost as a shaper of his destiny, as a molder of history, and so, in the absence of thinking men, we are plunging into chaos. The modern politician is nothing more than a servant of capital. He is a glove puppet, betraying his people with a cynical smile on his face, while pushing false populist slogans.
I am a nobody, an artist chronicling a decaying landscape. I have no chance against the greater forces. I have assessed myself, looked around and see my own individual tragedy. I do what I can, but it is a drop in the ocean and in fact ineffective. Perhaps it's time to change my perspective and stop staring at the ground while free-falling and forget about the inevitable impact and death while admiring the sky and the serene blue. What is lost is no more. Why am I hurting my heart and hurting myself with heavy feelings? I am a little man, and it means nothing that I was born with the artist's eye. It is a mounths to accept that even reason is lost, and nothing remains but the panting and inevitable demise of a human animal struggling to survive. Enjoy!

English translation of an article I wrote two years ago

At 6:30 in the morning, on the bus to Gyula, I remembered that mushrooms are the fruit of decomposition. I have probably never written about this in the blog in ten years, because I didn't want to make anyone unhappy with the depressing topic, which is not as sad as we think. It is about our mortality, that we all inevitably end our lives. The living body instinctively fears death, because it is alive! And consciousness is an ever-rotating stream of information, and stopping it is unacceptable. But we do not escape the laws of nature, once our time is up we cease to exist. The fear of death is a visceral feeling in all of us, but we never get nauseous at the idea that we did not exist for billions of years before we were born. So why are we so terrified of falling back into darkness after the fleeting glow of our existence? We would rather use our shining brilliance to light up the world! But I see that even in the glow of life, not everyone succeeds in confronting the darkness. This is very poetic, but I will not go into it in detail. See what you will into my thoughts.
"Fairy ring", or mushroom ring. My photo shows a Hebeloma. The active, vigorous part of the fruiting body is growing fruiting bodies, so that the mushroom growing in a circle is also visible on the surface. It would be nice to know how old a growing body of this size can be. How long do fungi associated with trees live? Do they think about dying? They have no nervous system and therefore no consciousness, but they are still living organisms that are a useful and important part of nature. Most fungi are decomposers, which means they break down dead plant parts. Fungi specialised in different decomposition processes appear one after the other on fallen trees. They are decomposers of dead wood, i.e. they continue life after death. Because the decomposed material is reintroduced into the material cycle and can be reintegrated into the bodies of new plants. Fungi are like mourners. Their presence is both sad and uplifting. A healthy forest is unthinkable without them.
The Infundibulicybe geotropa occurs in huge numbers in wooded habitats. It is one of our conspicuous soil-dwelling decomposers, growing edible fruiting bodies. The row of fruiting bodies that follow the curve of the growing body is a beautiful sight. Their scent can be smelled even without disturbance. As if they were fruit that had mysteriously appeared on the ground. Faeries growing on the remains of decaying plants. Fruits of mortality. When I process the magnificent fruiting bodies for food, I take the truest "last supper". The circle closes. There is no more beautiful symbol of nature's cycle of matter than the mushroom circle. With this thought, I reached the highest "spiritual" level of mushroom hunting years earlier. I just haven't written about it yet. However, past forty, with two of my loved ones dead at my current age, it is time to acknowledge the inevitable and take stock of my life. As a dark green thinker, it is all the more fitting that I clarify my thoughts about my own existence. I know very well that as a human being I am anti-nature. I understand the workings of my body and consciousness. I see the limitations of both. I have learned a lot about myself and the world by exploring the space level. Mushrooms are good masters. See the photos.

I am a shroomer, not a sociologist or a politician, but...

I was a small child in the Kádár regime. Then I went through some traumas when I was a victim. The perpetrator never regretted what he did. For him, my beating was normal. I learned from the past and vowed never to be anyone's punching bag again. If someone tries to use me as one, I have the right to defend myself with all my strength and means. I can spot abusers from a distance and not just the person, but the system. I am not deceived by words and body language. As a former victim, I am extra sensitive. And deep pain screams in me, never again! It's irrational hell when you get hit by a person you trust. And to see that Hungarians worship and believe in abusers is a horror to me. This system is not for you, it is against you. And he will never regret the damage he causes. Check out my blog. It's full of my beautiful photos and human thoughts. It's about beauty. And its author was beaten like an animal. Is that the fate you want for your children? Because the regime is just like the abusive man. Do you wish hell for your loved ones? What kind of person are you?

The soul of the people, or the centuries-old crisis of the "Hungarian nation"

The Árpád curse, a myth that has haunted the region since the conquest, is that tribes from the East became masters of the peoples already living here. But over the centuries, the small number of conquerors merged with the nations, and the Hungarian became European. But those who climb to the top of the social food chain keep the myth alive because they need something to make them feel different. In the meantime, there have always been mediocrities, with rare exceptions, who have tragically departed from the stage of history, leaving the meaner, tougher, more compromising 'masters', further reinforcing the curse.
The Hungarian nation's misfortune is self-inflicted, because it is unable to face the truth, has no ties to the eastern wastelands except for a few tiny genetic residues, and has long been incapable of setting a positive example to other nations. A terrible example of the mindless cruelty of the "Hungarian nation" is the sending to death of four hundred and fifty thousand Hungarian Jews. What kind of nation would self-mutilate itself on such a biblical scale? Is such a nation really so faithful, but good and exemplary?! No, it can only be cited as a deterrent example.
The 20th century has slapped the Hungarian nation in the face, succeeding regimes, committing further crimes against itself, not sparing the "Hungarian people" one bit. It is understandable that the Hungarian fucked and cried with grief and defended himself, his family, the blood ties of the smallest tribal unit like a mad dog. Although if you look at the decrepit age group of the little people of the Kádár era, whose children and grandchildren are abroad, the family as the smallest social unit no longer exists. Global influences are not leaving us untouched and our society is atomized. It is another fatal blow to the idea of the Hungarian nation, which really only exists in the minds of some, because there are no real signs of it. A fictitious construct. The "Hungarian people" are irrationally capable of lynching the other, but I will leave that thought aside, it is think that the little man of the Kádár is a lynch-trained servant whose smile is more of a snarl than a welcome sign that I am a friend.
The Kádár regime deepened the gap between man and man. It cultivated its own well-kept layer of officials, and the descendants of these families continued the business. They were very clever in maintaining their network of connections, from which they did not let society off the hook one bit! Although there were internal battles in the power pyramid, but money goes with money, there was never any real solidarity in the Hungarian nation. "Grab, bitch, what you can eat today, don't leave it for tomorrow!" The law of the beast governs our daily lives. It may sound offensive, but it is not, for the "masters" people are merely "pigs in a sty", farm animals or resources, and it is recommended to care for them as cost-effectively as possible so that the families usurping power can amass even more wealth. There is no common good here, no single goal. The Hungarian nation is a lying marketing product, a deception, a mirage, which in turn is worth a lot to the wealthy families of the present time, the successors of the Kádár regime, who are making a good living from the deception.
It's interesting, the ragtag elite can form a phalanx and defend their interests, but the people, the people are incapable of doing so. Yet our lives are the pentecostal kingdom of the few! How did we end up as the third worst off the back of the EU? And yet the Árpád curse whispered to us in 1989 how wonderful we were, because we had changed bloodlessly from dictatorship to democracy! In the meantime, the cadres have been up to their old tricks. Although it is true that they did work hard at the time to make sure we did not see them as the masters.
Why are the agent files still locked up today? It is an indication of the real intertwining of power of the alleged left and right that neither government has made them fully public!! Do you think any of today's masters represent your interests? No.
It is your duty to protect your interests.
That brings me to the present, and I look around sadly.

I haven't country

The Hungarian nation does not exist, it is just a clever, lazy man's marketing product. The usual lie that makes the weak man feel like someone, while he is the victim of the deceiver.  And yet the fans of the Hungarian nation are not the victims they like to portray themselves as, but villains ready to kill. I am not a Jew, but I learned from history when Hungarian officials rounded up Hungarian Jews in the countryside in two weeks and started the state trains to the Nazi empire. The Hungarian nation, admired by three million people, is always ready to feed your lie at the cost of others' lives! For what nation is there that does not know the common good? Does it not protect its citizens? And is capable of sacrificing 450,000 people, of mutilating the country?!? Today I realised that I have nothing to do with this country. I am lost. I simply refuse to have fellowship with such a duplicitous, lying people! Because I am sure the national fraud and his fans are ready to sacrifice anyone again for the sake of the national lie, to cover up their own cowardice. It is a lie that Hungarians are strong and proud and freedom loving! All lies!
The national crook is preparing to set up a Chinese-style technocratic dictatorship in collusion with the German car manufacturers, in order to protect his personal wealth, which he has taken from public funds, and to ensure the well-being of his accomplices, the other oligarchs.
This is what awaits those who stay within Hungarian borders. And after three decades of bad public comedy, people are still reacting to the threat with substitute actions! You are too late!!! And you have no idea how much trouble we're in, because you thought if you just laid low, someone else would sort it out. The savior comes, and you never have to do anything for the common good. You believed the national impostor who eventually became the biggest villain and created an Eastern-style autocracy with a cult of the leader in the middle of the EU. I shout in vain, you are deaf!
I can only save myself.
I was 12 years old in 1990. I remember the first free elections, the public media election programmes that I watched on television or listened to on the radio because I was following the events. I felt like history was happening and I was fascinated. I was part of it! And I kept the passion I felt then.

P.S. It's such an interesting little country that people are unable to understand that corruption is a pyramid scheme that is eating up the country's wealth! What is gained by bribing others is paid for many times over by society as a whole. And no, they don't understand why we have become the third to last worst country in the EU, when in the minds of the national idiots we are a wonderful nation! They don't understand that the officials of the old Kádár regime are professional crooks! They are the most skilled parasites in the country and serving these scumbags is a bad idea! 

12th year

I'm a bit irritated because the blog as an online publishing genre had been on the wane for years, but I kept doing it out of bad habit. It's actually a fucking inefficient, time-consuming activity to blog. A lot of work for nothing. Fucking social networking sites aren't much more efficient. But say a "factory worker", slaving away on a conveyor belt, that her work is shit, and she're right too. Life is an evil video game, the graphics are good but the rules are unknown and there is no save, you die if you make a wrong move. I'm frustrated, and it hits me in the head. It makes it impossible for me to find joy in blogging. One golden rule: that gives no pleasure is don't do it. No one is forcing me to do it, just my own silly habit. I am a persistent idiot.And of course my persistence makes me a good professional. There is good in every bad thing. I'm nagging. I know it well. I am running away from a much bigger problem.
Week 41 was another busy week. On Saturday I went to the capital for a programme I had already been to once four years earlier. I was struck by the noticeable difference between the past and the present. The heart of the country is more tired and grey. No, it wasn't my mood that fooled me. As always, I was enthusiastic, because I love to explore, to experience. It really gets me going. So I was spinning in my 110% way. And I was stunned to see that the capital was fading.  What the hell? I'm in the heart of the country! Where is the power, the life?!* I committed to memory what I had seen and moved on. There was a mushroom exhibition in the Hungarian Museum of Natural History, which also invited me to the capital four years ago.
At the same time there was also a mushroom exhibition in the Soroksár Botanical Garden. Unfortunately, I could not fit the two events into one day. What I do regret, though, is that I didn't go to the National Museum, because I could have seen a very good photography exhibition. I am interested in photography as an art of capturing the moment, another attempt to create the illusion of immortality. And very effective! Because humans are visual beings, our eyes are our best sense. It is true that a picture is worth a hundred words. As writing was originally my first form of self-expression, I am a little bitter about this. But I have a flair for photography, so I smile from ear to ear. I hit the jackpot, I have multiple talents. In fact, there is a lot of room for manoeuvre, I can move anywhere.
I rarely go to museums, but they are important repositories of treasures, like giant chests in which we put relics of the past. In fact, a lot of information is thrown at us. My mind is very meticulous and eventually gets tired of processing so much data. Despite the exhaustion, it's still very enlightening to go to a museum and then find out what you've seen in reality. The past is all around us and shows us our future. For example, I love rocks and minerals. Marine limestones are particularly educational because of the wide variety of animal remains. When you walk in limestone mountains, remember that you are walking on what was once the seabed. The Bakony is famous for the Iharoskút dinosaur site. The museum contains two famous dinosaur skeletons. It's strange to think how ancient life on Earth is, and that humans are just one of millions of species, and that one day our entire era will be a thin sliver of a layer and nothing more.
My blog is 12 years old, but what is 12 years compared to millions of years? I couldn't even call it a moment. True, only one living creature counts time, man, and yet he does not take it seriously, nor does he think about the consequences of his actions. Yesterday, I photographed the old oaks in the castle park in Szabadkígyós. I love oak trees. The oldest living creatures of Békés county. They are beautiful and dying. Each of them tells the story of the last hundred or two hundred years of the county, how we have changed the landscape to our liking. Oaks are dying, and the destruction of nature is the extinction of our species. For twelve years I have been trying to raise awareness of the importance of nature. I have achieved nothing, because a beautiful picture or written word is ineffective against basic instincts. Anyway. What comes will be completely natural.

*Importantly, in my country, state power has been seized by a corrupt "terrorist group", which is deliberately eliminating any internal resistance through a well-constructed strategy to control the internal budget. It is simply using the power of the state to take money away from resistant cities. It is deliberately destroying parts of the country because the "terror group" has only its own well-being as its main and vague objective, which does not coincide with the objectives of the country and its people.

Perfect habitat photo

The shaggy inkcap Coprinus comatus was the first mushroom I identified independently. As a child, I picked up a small book with a mushroom I had seen in the street on the cover. The draw and description of the mushroom matched the mushroom exactly. An easy and blissful success that has defined my relationship with nature's cleaner workers. The shaggy inkcap is one of my favourite mushrooms since childhood. I like to photograph its fruiting bodies. I managed to take a perfect habitat photo this afternoon. On the way home I walked along the canal bank past the old oaks. The old trees give the tree line a woodland feel. Many mushrooms live here. I saw my favourite and knew everything had come together for a good photo. I always assess well what can make a beautiful picture. It really is perfect!

I talked about mushrooms

It was a wonderful day. I was surprised by the mushroom-friends, because many of them came to today's mushroom foraging session. I have not had such a positive experience in a long time! The photo shows my joy. In my hand was one of my favourite mushroom book and a copper spike Chroogomphus rutilus. I had taken mushrooms with me, but during the walk we found more. I talked about at least 30 species.

Video in Hungarian, no subtitles

The parting gift of summer

Week 39 of the year was an intense experience. I waited all summer, in the drought, for the rain and the mushrooms. Then September brought it all down on me. On the third of October, I sit in my room and relax. I am organising my thoughts and planning the tenth month's activities. Because October could easily surpass even September. Twenty years ago this month was the peak of the mushroom season. The 40th week of the year will be sunny. The ground is sufficiently wet. It will not be cold, not even a light frost is expected at dawn. Everything is optimal for the fungi. Which means that, with the exception of a quiet Monday, I'm back to busy days. Now I have time to write about last Thursday, when I went mushrooming in the mountains. Theoretically, there could be a bronze bolete Boletus aereus living locally, but I haven't found it yet. It is, however, already present in the oak woodland on the brown forest floor 80 kilometres from my town. I took the first picture of the delicious mushroom in one of the oak woods. The bronze bolete is a warm-loving, true summer fungus that grows as long as the summer weather lasts.
The Caesar's mushroom Amanita caesarea, which is spreading northwards from the Mediterranean due to climate change, is also warm-loving. The photo shows the young fruiting body still in its full universal veil. However, the thickness of the veil, the shape of the egg, is a clear indication of what kind of fungus it is. It is a protected fungus in Hungary, but not in Romania. I brought three mushroom eggs home for a special experience. This is a good mushroom, it has a unique taste and a beautiful colour! In the 40th week it gets cooler and the warm-loving fungi disappear from the forests. I was happy to enjoy the gifts of summer on Thursday. The oak forests were growing mushrooms in astonishing abundance. The amanites were the most abundant. An amazing amount of blusher. I wrote about in the previous post.
The false deathcap Amanita citrina is really very similar to its life-threatening, deadly poisonous relative. Of course it is not edible! This year the mushroom of the year vote has already started. I voted for it because it is a relatively common, spectacular and interesting fungus. A nature-lover shroomer not only listens to her belly when she walks in the woods and fields, but also lets the mushrooms touch her heart. I like mushrooms. I walk over giants in the forest. Fabulous creatures that magically display their fruits in mild, rainy weather. A forest full of mushrooms is a real storybook. It feels very good to be part of the story. I blended into the forest so much that a squirrel didn't notice me until I turned directly towards it.
For the most part, life is a hard struggle and rarely offers a chance for real joy. The forest immediately surprised me with something good: on the very edge of the forest, there were huge young parasols Macrolepiota procera growing. And there was a carnival of mushrooms in the trees. Treasures littered the forest floor, and I was part of nature's magic. Life rarely gives me the opportunity to really feel part of something bigger. Human society has fallen apart. Our species is consuming the living world in its mad hunger, and the only true wonder is being destroyed by us. I am actually sad and burnt out. What passion I have left, I save for myself. I don't want to give any of it to another person! What you get from me is the routine and professionalism that comes from years of practice, a perfectly shaped role that I can play in my sleep. Yeah, I'm "Mushroommania".

A perfect start to autumn

Today, at 9.30am, I went out with my boyfriend to my number one spot, which I've been going to regularly since 2012. In September, 100 millimetres of rain fell, including on the night of the turn of the month. So everything was wet. By the time I made my way through the trees on the trail, the sun was out and I was breathing in the wonderful smell of mushrooms and humid air, taking photos of the mushrooms. They were growing everywhere. It had been months since I had experienced such wonder. And not for years has October 1st been so perfect and wonderful. This is a real blessing, a mercy after a terrible summer, which was a serious warning of what was to come. Unfortunately, we tend to get stuck in the present and don't bother to prepare, even though next summer could be just as hellish as this one. It is vitally important to keep the rainfall that is now filling up the soil in the landscape and not to drain it away! The ground is so dry that there are no deep puddles anywhere yet. I could walk on the dirt roads without any problems. I don't really understand people. Climate change is a global threat. In fact, we need to systematically prepare for increasingly severe phenomena all year round. But everyone's attention is now distracted by the Russia-Ukraine war and the Russian president's nefarious ploy to blackmail us with natural gas. This is a warning that we are effectively an oil and gas-dependent species, and our glorious conquest of the planet will only last as long as we have access to this extra energy source. Our current global civilisation is collapsing. He was a complete idiot who fantasized about the possibility of unlimited growth in a finite space. Giant stars of 80-100 solar masses are short-lived, lasting only a few tens of millions of years, while our Sun is four billion years old. So is our species, which has eight billion individuals. How long do you think the living world can endure our terrible hunger?! Well the collapse is closer than I think.
But there were no gloomy thoughts in my head at ten o'clock. I genuinely rejoiced in a state of grace, when almost everything is perfect and I can admire the mushrooms, the totems of nature. In the first picture, I captured two blushers Amanita rubescens in the palm of my friend's hand. This mushroom is edible after thorough cooking. It can be sold in markets in Hungary, but buyers should be warned that it is slightly poisonous if not properly cooked.  The second picture is the path I started on. In the foreground are a pair of ringed milkcaps Lactarius zonarius. Unfortunately, most Lactarius species have a pungent taste. Although I know that they are eaten specially prepared in northern countries. Important knowledge for beginner mushroom pickers is that under oaks doesn't grow saffron milkcap Lactarius deliciosus.
I took some of the fruitung bodies I had collected at the market with me, because I invited others to join me on the mushroom hike. I like to teach beginners and pass on my enthusiasm for mushrooms. If one has a strong passion for something and that passion supports life, it is strongly recommended to pass it on to others. It would be timely to realise that eating up the living world is tantamount to the premature demise of our species. Life must be supported. We love to live, so why do we behave like suicide bombers? Moderation and a series of conscious choices support life. Don't fall for the advertising! You can't buy everything! Your money won't save you from water shortages!
Yes, I am back to the most worrying topic, water. As I walked the familiar path, I was sad to see that the large cracks in the ground had not yet closed. Currently, the water deficit is still around 100 millimetres. And the whole landscape is severely water scarce! A spectacular sign of this is the death of oak trees. The Quercus robur is the number one tree of my county. As I write this, I have the tree in front of me as clearly as if I were standing in front of it, and the details of the species are spinning in my head. Oak is home to an amazing variety of organisms and, of course, a lot of fungi! I love being in the oaks. Their destruction is my great sorrow. When will we understand that our lives will be terribly poor without trees and mushrooms. Without the living world, we are nothing. We have been sucked into the consumer stupor. Our species is addicted, and crazy if it doesn't come to its senses. My photos show what we are about to sacrifice.