Extra interest from Hong Kong


As a Middle Eastern European, a citizen of a small country occupied by the Soviet Union between 1956 and 1989, it is with a sour mood that I acknowledge the extraordinary interest in my blog by a Hong Kong internet bot. I truly respect the customs of other cultures, but after decades of studying man and the workings of oppressive power, the violence is the same everywhere, no matter what cultural glaze is poured over it, and the gangrenous flesh of the broken face of man is spilling out from underneath. It is a shame, a crime, the way human exploits another human. It's a good thing I don't have children, so they can't be slaves to anyone. For me, it is bad enough that the orange regime is turning my country into an eastern colony for its own survival. Anyway, I have long known that human is stupid enough to commit the same sins over and over again. So we deserve for our stupid actions the collapse of the biosphere and the inevitable mass death by torture. My suggestion is that whether you are Western, Eastern, Southern or Northern, take advantage of the last years of peace to bid farewell to our universal values with a clear conscience and prepare for the inevitable. 

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