Tarim Basin and Carpathian Basin

In this paper, I mix two strong themes, because there is some connection between them. In the context of the Carpathian Basin drying up due to climate change and the orange horde eating up Hungary, my interest has turned to Inner Asia. 

There is a crazy delusion among nationalist Hungarians that they are descended from the Huns. This is not true. Over a thousand years, there have been so many population movements, the population of the Hungarian kingdom has been decimated so often, that the massive mixing generated by continuous immigration has overwritten the genetic heritage of the East tribes. What remained was the Huns' plundering mentality, the acquisition of wealth by force. Now that's one thing that is very dear to the pernicious orange horde of value-losers. I am not going to mince my words when I see clearly that there is a significant decline, on the other side of which, on the orange liars', a few thousand families are making a fortune at the expense of the Hungarian people. And then there is climate change, which will completely transform our world by starting a large popular movement. In a thousand years, a completely different people will live here.

I am reading one of Sir Marc Aurel Stein's books, Cities Buried in the Sand. This led me to wander around the Tarim Basin area on Google Maps in the evening. The misconception that the orange bandits were descendants of some kind of eastern noble tribes (who were really barbarians fleeing from stronger peoples) really pissed me off. I don't feel the slightest tearful emotion for the past. I am interested history to learn from it. Staying alive in Inner Asia has never been easy. Yet there was and is human life in an area with an extremely arid climate, battered by staggering windstorms.

It was amazing to get a glimpse of a place that is mythical and enthusiastic for the national Hungarians through the photos of the adventurous tourists. Although if they love it so much, they could really move there. If the East feels like home, go back! Why can't they understand that we have been Westerners for a thousand years?! The very small trace of a very small Eastern gene does not give them the right to lie and plunder the population! They built their whole skanzen world with EU subsidies. They are a very dirty bunch, who have no place among working people. They would starve in the East. The orange bastard doesn't like to work. They can lie and intimidate, of course! They do not respect the principle of live and let live! Their harm is crippling hundreds of thousands of people!

A desolate wasteland remains after the orange locust walk. And they consider themselves nationalists. When they directly divide society by generating hostility and treat as foreign elements even those who are full Hungarian citizens! You cannot live and plan for the future in a country that has been systematically plundered and crippled by its own ragtag elite for centuries. And of course the heirs of the post-Soviet cadres are doing the same, usurping power for personal gain and destruction. They are completing their plan of national destruction. How on earth can a nation hate itself so much?!

Sir Marc Aurel Stein was of Jewish origin. To the national Hungarians, who hold up the fugitive, thieving Huns as their role models, the hard-working and hardy Jews have always been irritating, because while the Jews were building, they only wanted to have fun and command servants a good living. God save them from hard work! I raged like the wind in the desert. For I am in an intellectual void, crying alone in the dark.
Don't learn from history! Tolerate arbitrariness and know that you chose it.

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