I am a victim of climate change

May 16, 2019 is a nice memory of a perfect mushroom tour, on which we all had a good time and picked wonderful mushrooms. Of course, I was depressed even then, because there were clear signs of the negative effects of the rapidly changing climate. In September 2017, for example, an amazing chain of thunderstorms swept through the mountains, which completely crushed and destroyed my favorite mushroom place at 1,000 meters. This 2019 late spring mushroom tour was a sweet reminder of the abundance of yesteryear. Human has countless illusions, it is never a wrong to lose them, but losing nature is seriously life-threatening for us. It hurts me that I couldn't slow down the negative process with my blog and I have to see everything fall apart. This is a pain that only I feel, I can't share it with anyone, no one cares too. This is also one of the valuable experiences of human life, that we are really alone. No one can escape from himself/herself. And there is nowhere to escape from climate change either. I watch as the habitats where I used to pick mushrooms are destroyed, and this has made my green project, which gave me a small chance of life, impossible. And I loved doing it! Physical and emotional loss burden me at the same time, while am surrounded by total indifference. Of course, I understand the reason for this, everyone is starting to feel that the situation is becoming more and more threatening. Everyone is looking for their own escape route and surrounds themselves with countless illusions, they still cling to the intoxication of consumption, that financial security(?) protects them. I don't expect anything good. I lock the values inside myself. I alone preserve human values and enjoy the good things in life. This is the test that I have to bear for the rest of my life. This is the bitter cup I must drink. So be it, I've seen enough, I know almost everything that is necessary to be able to exist and follow my inner motivation as I please. It doesn't need anyone but me.

This song is perfect for the end of this article, because I feel like I'm in a survival game, which is so ridiculous that it's a shame to waste more words on it.

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