Hungarian exodus

The Orange regime borrowed €1.75 billion from the market, not to pay teachers, but to buy back Budapest International Airport. He bought the loss-making red mobile phone operator with previously transferred funds, and although the Orange regime was able to find money for this, it could not find money to pay teachers. Dictators are small people too, and also the most important thing for them is their own well-being. A poor man from the end of the village looks out over the countryside from his castle in Buda and unscrupulously makes fools of and plunders the Hungarian people. They are a perfect subject for plunder, because historical traumas have eroded his inner reserve, robbed him of his moral sense, and he is all too prone to choose the crooked path over the straight one, because corruption is a bad habit that has been entrenched for centuries in Central Europe. Yesterday, I had a very enlightening experience, as the lost countryside showed its remaining values. At the public employment fair, where many public workers were present, I saw a picture of an underdeveloped country and a county that is vegetating from agricultural production. I was horrified to see faces and fates, including my own.
In one image, I managed to capture the extremism of the Orange regime looking for border guards and what people are left in a region in decline. Of course, there are still young people in ever decreasing numbers, but 100% they will leave because the Orange regime has long regarded the Hungarian people as nothing more than a "human resource". This is not a relationship of equals, but an unequal relationship of violence between the cotton baron and the slave who is kidnapped from his homeland. In vain have I been writing for months, in vain have I represented the civilian ideal of independence alone, when I myself am dying in the unequal situation, because there are not enough people to resist the violent self-interest and the devouring of the country by the mad nightmare of one man and his profiteers! Those who stay here may know that certain death awaits them. Just try to find a doctor in time for a life-threatening physical ailment or survive a hospital infection. Or any professional who is truly conscientious and not looking to rip you off as much as possible. Lack of morality leads to an early death. Ignoring reality also leads to an early death. If you do nothing, you are guaranteed to die.

The country of missed opportunities

The suicide nation

At the breakpoint

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