The last presentation in 2022

I will be forty-five in February. I have no intention of spending another year in my homeland. I will give a presentation, but not here. I remember in 2017 I received a book published in 1984, which describes the local hiking trails. It was with genuine curiosity and enthusiasm that I discovered my homeland with the help of this book for tourists. I was happy to immerse myself in the history and natural values of the landscape. With little exaggeration, I almost felt love for my homeland. My feelings were pure and tender. I wondered at millennia and living things. I wanted to share the treasures. I didn't stop. But I realized that all my efforts were futile. Wasted energy makes me angry. After twelve years, I am taking my life in a completely different direction. The passion is there and I have gained a lot of experience.
The ancient attachment to the land remains. My heart really leaps when I smell the wet earth. I love natural light and colour. I am also surprised by the immense passion I feel when I step on the earth. It is simply amazing the life that has evolved on our planet. I don't really understand how most people can be so detached from the living world. The tiny moss cushion is also a pleasure for me. I need to significantly improve my presentation skills and really learn to speak a world language clearly and I would also like to know Romanian. It is important for me to know and use the language of at least one neighbouring nation. There are so many good things in life worth preserving. It would be so nice to come together and restore ecosystems. In Romania too, natural assets are being destroyed at an astonishing rate.  From there come the rivers that feed my homeland.
Do you hear and understand what I'm talking about? Mushrooms have taught me a lot. The way they adapt to their habitats and do their thing. The jelly ear is a common fungus, yet its fruiting bodies always bring a smile to my face because they are truly ear-shaped. They also have medicinal properties. Black elder is also a common shrub, and its fragrant white flowers and black berries can be used and its hollow branches can be used to make a whistle. Its dead matter is broken down by the jelly ear. One of my favourite mushrooms. I've loved it for decades. It is good. The mushroom and also the positive feeling. It is also very important to take children outdoors in all seasons and give them a piece of reality. It is not normal to keep them in rooms and virtual spaces. And emotional security is gone. And the destruction of nature threatens our physical existence.
Tourists take photos of the castle ruin, but they don't learn their lesson. Most people have become incapable of making connections and drawing conclusions. People think that reality is virtual. That the whole world is an amusement park where the play - the consumption - never ends. What kind of play? It's an ugly eating game. We eat the world. We give up the good things. I was thinking today about how the right to life is being violated in my country. People no longer perceive the danger! The instinct for life is also damaged. I stand stunned. What the hell has happened in the last thirty years?! I want to do something about these worrying trends. That is why I am moving out of my country. Maybe I can find alliances and make enough money to take my mission to a higher level. I feel I need to evolve to really do something for my loved ones.

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