Preserving humanity

I am now one of the hundreds of millions of people on the planet who need to change their lifestyle, move, find a job=livelihood, because the worst is coming.
This is a May self-portrait, before I talked about the mushrooms' fruiting bodies. I was no better off six months ago, but you can keep your sanity as long as you keep doing. Once you stop and give in to self-pity, that's the end of it. Fortunately for me, I have made creation my main goal in life. I'm always working on something. And I don't care how special my life's journey is, that I can't be graded by the standard. Get to know me, and then decide what kind of person I am. If you only see the data, you're looking at a tool and not taking into account that you're dealing with a sentient being. The data is building a path to the gas chambers. I know exactly what it means to lose human values. The crisis of values is happening before my eyes.

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