About the loss

June 2020 was a rainy month. When abundant rain falls on Békés County, that's when we really see what we have lost through landscape conversion and drying. If we destroy nature, our species will also suffer the loss, because as living beings we need a living natural environment to survive. The opening image is from the blog's Facebook page. Although I don't see much point in running my social pages anymore. I'd rather lock myself away and write one of my novels. My stories compete for my attention in an amusing way. I studied the wildlife of my homeland with genuine enthusiasm and shared most of my knowledge for free. But my patience is also limited. If it is hopeless, there is no point in fighting for it. Békés County is losing its natural assets and large-scale agriculture is failing due to lack of water. Irrigation? Come on. Our rivers are drying up. It would be soul-destroying to watch the decline. Even I'm not that sadistic, and I'm just as hard as a gray cattle. It is shocking the extent to which the Hungarian nation is self-destructive. I don't want part of this bizarre tragicomedy. Understandably, in the late autumn of 2021, I entered the infinite space of my imagination, left the humans behind and brought my heroes to life. If I'm going to die anyway, I'm going to live dozens of other lives in my head first. I leave the big work to those who come after me to save life on earth.

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