Perfect christmas songs

I wrote a post on 29 August, and I could rewrite every line of it now, but it's easier to link to what I wrote then. I'm just a little angry with myself because right at the time of the post, the weather situation changed and a crazy period started, and at the height of it, I couldn't see out of the mushrooms. Since then, I've searched in vain for an escape, on a planet with a finite surface area and all the habitable space already crowded with us, where could I run? The collapse of civilization is inevitable. Who knows for how long, this is the last Christmas of peace. December 2023 will be hell. I wish what I see at the end of the causal chain would not come true! It is understandable that everyone is under illusions. What else can you do? However, the tempers that flare up behind the scenes, the family meetings that turn into hatred, say a lot about our situation and about us. As a teenager, I was deeply influenced by the song. I understood the message.
P.S.: I'm in such a bitter mood right now. And I'm found by clever and cruel songs. Life is cruel, unfair and people are capable of anything, at the mercy of their needs. Starving people see only the last of the potatoes.

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