Lessons from 2022

Today's post would be better written in January, as 2022 is not over yet, but for me it is over and has taught me many lessons. One word that sums up everything about the year and whispers in my ear: uncertainty. I took the opening photo from the bus early in the morning three days after my birthday this year. It reflects my mood very well. And as I gather my thoughts for this post, I notice the cold tentacles of fear trying to hold me back. The first lesson is that our negative beliefs are our serious internal enemies. Looking at my life realistically, I have everything I need for a productive and creative life. What is particularly fortunate is that I always find the few people with whom I can form a valuable alliance. And the second lesson is that you don't need more than 100 people to live a happy life, but you do need to have an actual relationship with them. Surprisingly, it's true. Take care of your living human relationships and stop acting! Those you have problems with, talk to them. Stop poisoning each other. Everything I write about, I have experienced.
I am not religious, I learn from reality and measure myself against the real world. When I need strength I can look in two directions, up at the stars or inwards. Jupiter, the giant planet of the solar system, is the protagonist in this early spring photo. I've been tracking its Galilean moons with 10x50 binoculars for decades. My thought yesterday was that the places on Earth where you can't see the sky on a clear night are all in hell. Looking out into space is important for your mental health. If you are unable to position yourself accurately, because you have nothing to measure your position against, you will drift and perish shockingly quickly. This is a concrete world phenomenon. People are getting lost. And many villains even play on insecurity, as many like to exploit the weakness of others. As I noticed in the Hungarian elections this year, our politicians are just people who act based on their own wealth and not on the interests of the country. This is partly why the drastic fall in the quality of public services has occurred. You must realise, it is vital for you too, how vulnerable you are when you believe a politician who wants his good at your expense.
The sky is one abyss you can look into, the other is the past, as the solar system is about five billion years old and life on Earth appeared about three billion years ago. Great depths, above and below which we drift like grains of dust if we do not give ourselves a purpose. Another reason is that people have become purposeless in the age of ready meals. Everything seems to work outside of us and we are just consumers. Surprisingly little real value is produced and most work is mechanised. Those who are biodroids next to the production lines are astonishingly disenfranchised. How can you enjoy comfort when you know that your fellow human being is a nobody in another part of the world. That's right, you are a nobody, a data, someone's livestock. The inner voice doesn't lie. The ancient key to our survival, observation of our surroundings, has not been lost on us. Everyone gets messages from their ancestral part about the dangers. However, in an age of terrible media noise, it is very difficult to see through the conscious distraction. We have given up too much. We made bad compromises, and we are now paying the heavy price.
For the second time this year we had a terribly hot and dry summer. Eight months have been very dry, three have been moderately rainy and one has given us a positive rainfall anomaly. While we are trapped in a consumer society, our civilisation has destroyed wildlife and accelerated climate change. Unfortunately, this is not a lie, anyone who walks in the remnants of nature can see the destruction. It is an eternal truth that as living beings we need a living natural environment. This is a fundamental truth! Specifically, it cripples us if we can't move in the green. Disconnection from nature destroys us. This is seen in both adults and children. Besides the lack of nature, the other shortcoming is intimacy. I implore you not to give your child a "smart device" before the age of ten. Living humans need other humans the most in the early stages of their development! Specifically, we crave safe closeness, eye contact, positive support, stories. We are becoming incapable of intimacy. But without it, our decline will accelerate. I once read a study that babies can die from lack of affection. Why do we become inhuman when we are human? A rhetorical question, I have been constantly giving you the knowledge of the causes of our decline.
I'm a small woman, and there's an interesting contradiction in me, because I've been getting richer over the decades of my life. I feel like a small woman with a big bag of experience. I am torn by contradiction, and despite the fear, I must act. I know I have to go. I looked around, and everyone was running away into illusions, lying to themselves, while the will to confront destruction was growing in me. I spent a lot of time in the green, taking in the real values. Yes, there are very good things in life! I have experienced them. Along with fear, there is gratitude. I am indebted to the good. This is a very strange and surprising situation. I am a grown woman and I have made a decision. I act on that basis. It's a difficult situation, but I really have all the tools to live a productive life. I just have to cleverly ignore the fear, because of course it tries to keep me trapped. But passivity is a guaranteed early death! The living move, the living act, the living leave a living environment for their offspring. This is a good lesson to take into 2023.

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