The green fortress, first part

Once upon a time, the walls of the green fortress rose up beyond the limits of human cognition. For thousands of years, the valley had been guarded  by the generations of the queen, her ladies-in-waiting and her knights, and thanks to them, it was full of life. Though it looked barren at the end of winter, a closer look showed the unrolled jewels of the treasury everywhere, yellow, purple, white flowers, and up high on the mistress's crown new green diadems were sprouting like on the others trees. The breeze of spring flew through the pillared walls of the fortress and just caressed the crowns. The noble ladies giggled, delighting in the playful awakening of spring. Their gaiety rushed through them and reached down to the earth and even below. The first knight awoke, who lived directly below the queen.
He shook the dark dreams of winter from his mind as soon as he looked up at the lady of his heart. They'd lived together for centuries, both huge, one bursting skyward, the other spreading underground.
'Queen Fagula, my lady'
'Sir Bolet, my knight' Came the answer from above, and sweetly the words flowed. The oldest tree could afford to reward its faithful companion lavishly.
'My lady, the lines are glowing. May I pass on messages?'
Fagula had no eyes in human terms, and yet she could see. She could sense distance and knew who was where, how they felt, what they needed thanks to Sir Bolet. She had no mouth in human terms, yet she smiled and Sir Bolet understood every sign she gave him.
'Kantrell, Ruszul, Laktar, Amanat, Kortin and Tubre all send their warm and affectionate greetings and hope you slept well, Queen.'
'My sleep was deep and good, faithful knights. I will post my instructions shortly. ...and tell them not of this... The storm of winter has broke off a grand branch.
Sir Bolet's heart skipped for two moments, and he said at once:
'My Queen, my first duty is to protect you. Let me redirect the resources of your domain to your recovery.'
Fagula looked over her domain. Around her, her daughters giggled, lost in the play of the breeze. Their youthful trunks slim and strong, bursting into the air. Their crowns were almost touching her crown, but they still kept a respectful distance. On the valley's edge, from beneath the dark foliage of the gorges, two courtiers, Pinela and Pinula, watched him. On the border, Lady Kverka and his daughters waited for a message from him. Popula, Betula, and Karpina complimented their mistress meekly, not urging her on. There were thousands of them. The estate grew large under her rule.
'Two hundred springs and summers have enriched us. I feel my age now. What a beautiful life I have had, and what a beautiful life we have made here. It's all right, my old knight. Time has simply caught up with me.'
'We have always been and always will be together.'
'Yes. Until our bond is broken. Let's not keep the others waiting. Time to go green.'
By the time the spring breeze had melted the last patch of snow on the ridge tops and the flowers of spring had bloomed, the green fortress was green.

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