Summer mushrooms

On Friday evening at 8pm I will be giving an online presentation on the mushrooms of summer. I'm planning four presentations, the first a summary of the hot season through the eyes of a mushroom picker. I have been a mushroom lover since childhood, but climate change is really destroying the innocent pleasures of nature.I never wanted to sell my favourites on the market. I am very keen to teach, but I would certainly not abuse the gifts of the forest and the field for commercial purposes. We don't have to eat everything, and yet I see the mindless greed with which we devour the very basis of our lives, the living world. We ignore the damage, that is already damaging us in the present. Our stupidity is backfiring on us! It is very difficult to act wisely, but we must, because we are killing ourselves with our civilisation. The mere fact that I have a 2011 edition laptop to access the internet, power and data storage is harming wildlife. I can see through the intricate web of impacts. I don't need an advanced knowledge to do this, just a sensitive awareness of my environment. Human takes from nature, but it matters how much and what he gives in return! We have forgotten a lot of vitally important things! And then we gawk stupidly about why we die in the heat in summer, because it's increasingly likely that you will be one of the victims of a heatwave that can reach over 40 degrees Celsius in summer. This year, Morocco has already had a high of 48 degrees Celsius, and it's typical for the Saharan heat to move into Europe at some point. The Carpathian Basin also acts as a heat island during the hot season. You can't imagine what it's going to be like here soon. Foresight is not really a characteristic of "modern" human. Ironically, our scientific name is Homo sapiens. This is a killer irony. But I can't laugh.

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