Hungary is in serious trouble, and not because EU funding is being cut and we are slowly but surely falling out of the top 50. It is a problem that has been going on for decades, the history of the 20th century has brought too many traumas to the country, most of which have not been dealt with at the level of the psyche of the people. That is why an autocrat can rule and dazzle his fans. And then there is the fear of the small nation's disappearance, the trickiest of all, which further fuels the power of mass hypnosis. The national impostor takes what he wants. Hungary is small, but its leader is incredibly damaging. Occupied public media is a tool for "brainwashing". No dialogue within society, no "brainstorming". That's why I thought that we should bring back the clubs, where intelligent people would give lectures, discussions on various topical issues. This would be my "brain-saving" project.
Hungarians, and this is a global phenomenon, are alienated from each other. The curse of the internet is that as we enter the 21st century, algorithms are trapping people in a bubble. You think you are communicating, but you are not, in fact, if you go to a forum, which is typically the blue site in our country, it is used frantically. There is no meaningful dialogue. When I find one, I am completely moved. Another downside of the internet is that it starves the social being, our social skills atrophy.
That's why I think offline clubs are a good idea. There would be lectures on topical issues, some examples: climate change, artificial intelligence, ethics, population change, brain evolution, internet, democracy, etc. I have practice, I have plans, and of course I have many topics. But as a sensible person, I'm happy to hand over the idea, development and implementation of the project to someone else. I also know that what is missing is not money, but people who know the public good, who know their responsibilities, and who see that progress is made little by little, with persistent work. My green blog, the mushroom club were all part of my public service. I have done enough for the community. Now it's your turn.

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