Protecting forests in Romania

I find it very interesting the common tragedy of small nations in a globalised world trying to maintain a semblance of unity through sentimental nationalism. I have found as a thinking person that a nation is an abstraction that we cannot make sense of in practical life and let's face it, there is not that much difference between people! There is an incredibly big common problem facing humanity that affects everyone - climate change. Let me also say that, as a Hungarian, I am aware of our shared historical experience with the Romanians. In fact, I consider them related and I love their language. I can understand them very well as members of another small nation that was equally affected by the Soviet occupation, and we had some beautiful moments in history before, shared rulers and heroes. So I'm not a little bit against them, I'm speaking for us, for all of us, so I'm writing this article. And I understand perfectly well the reasons for nationalism, but it is important to be patriotic. A patriot does indeed take the fate of his whole nation to heart, but he is able to rise above his bad feelings and become generous and see what is really important. Is he really serious about leaving a viable future for his children? The unimaginable scale and speed of deforestation in Romania is not a patriotic act, but a waste of the treasure of future generations. When you hear nationalist rhetoric and talk about mountains, forests and small clearings, look out of the window and see the tragic, senseless reality!

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