My July photos

On 11 July, after months, I took my DSLR camera on my daily walk again. But I took the first photo in post on the 18th, when it was a stunning, beautiful, humid dawn. There was so much mist in the air that I couldn't see the water tower 500 metres from my starting point. I took many good pictures in the seventh month of the year, but this simple street scene became my favorite. It has a super green effect, which means I've managed to recreate the wonderful atmosphere of a humid morning. If the weather stays like this, there will be mushrooms, which I would be happy about, because I haven't seen my favourites for a long time. Just on the 11th I photographed two fungi in town, a Russula species and Caloboletus radicans. They were the only two to brave the unpleasant summer weather.
I photographed Lentinus tigrinus on the 26th. This mushroom signaled the start of the fruiting wave, which is progressing nicely. I just looked in my photo folder this year and I took a picture of mushroom on 27 April, so it's been over sixty days without mushrooms in my life. Climatechange has completely ruined the mushroom season, and that's why I stopped mushrooming. I loved it, and it gave me many, many experiences for years. Even though I listen to happy music while writing this article, I am bitter. And even with all my beautiful photos, I am still bitter and disappointed. Why am I writing this post? My blog has been of no use since 2020, and don't think of it in terms of financial gain, its intellectual usefulness has evaporated. Anyway, there remains the fun(?), as much as life can be fun for a useless person. I never thought I would hate it. So what I wrote in the previous post is really your responsibility, because I'm not playing myself anymore. Here are my uninteresting pictures.

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