Devouring our future

I have several books on my desk and the first draft of one of my novels is open in the word processor, so I'm doing what is the work of an intellectual freelancer, reading and writing, and organising my observations. I like to think, but I also like to go out in nature. Indeed, for many years I have walked hundreds of kilometres in woods and fields. I have hundreds of beautiful photographs of natural assets. These are my best photos because they are the only ones I publish. You can see the pictures posted as illustrations on my blog's community page. A thought-provoking note: it's very interesting how the internet is distancing us from each other. It is a huge challenge to get people to be truly present, to connect with each other and to enjoy and appreciate life. Something has distorted their thinking and I can't figure out what the hell has gotten into them. During the two years of the epidemic, I observed that they approached the remaining green in a mall-like manner, as if it were some kind of entertainment artificial centre, when it is very much not! I've been really lucky in that I've never been out in the open air to have fun, but to get to know it. I was genuinely interested in nature, the other creatures I share the earth with. Of course, I enjoyed the good compounds evaporating from the plants, the smell of the leaves, the feel of the mushrooms, the humidity, the touch of the breeze. I am a sentient, thinking creature, and I have given myself over to green. Perhaps they have become devoid of content and have nothing to impart, in fact they have become artificial, like the spaces we inhabit in our everyday lives? We have been reduced to our functions, like some kind of component of the greedy machinery of our civilization, which eats life and shits garbage. And what's in between, because judging by the general mood, it's not exactly a joyous mood for the majority. In fact, there is hardly any genuine emotion.
I'm surrounded by objects and walls, I use mechanical tools, even though I'm a sentient being. I'm struggling to make a living, arguing with the only man in my life about why I don't make money when I'm always working on something. I cannot even tell him that I will be "discovered" after my death, and that this will give him some compensation for what he "suffered" from me during our life together. Everything I've built my knowledge on has been screwed up. Human is devalued. He is only useful if he offers himself as a component to the life consuming system. I absolutely doubt that AI will bring us a golden age. The history of the 20th century has shown us exactly what technological leaps, mass death and dictatorship bring! I was horrified when the image generator gave me a "nice forest" image based on the description given. Because I know the reality and took many photos. Here is a spring post from two years earlier. Whatever I do, I really only live in the hope that I can have a small impact and make a difference in at least a hundred people. There is nothing beyond that but bitterness and grief.
For summer reading, I recommend Arthur Herzog's novel Heat.

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