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One thing I wish for myself: a creative job/work that can earn me money. But how can I find a prospective client if I don't advertise my activities. My intellectual freelance journey has been full of experiences and not only have I received, but I have given plenty. I am serious about social work, but I need to create the financial basis to continue. I don't have to save the whole world, I have to change the minds of a handful of people. That is a huge task too, and despite the Sisyphean task, I believe it is the one that is really worth it. Our things will be ruined, money will be destroyed, but natural knowledge will be preserved. Over the years I have trained myself and practiced my skills.
Although I am a reserved, quiet person, I have turned myself into an entertaining, well-styled, knowledgeable speaker to achieve my goal. I have over thirty lectures, which I update from time to time. I talk about my favourite subjects smoothly, with a change of tone, humour and seriousness when one is needed, and in a way that is easy to understand. True, my quick thinking makes me prone to rambling, so I'm grateful when the audience tells me I'm speeding up too much.
Theoretical knowledge is really enjoyable when it is put to the test in the field. I stopped counting my guided tours a while ago, I stopped at 100. Theory and practice are equally important for me. I am pleased to see that the term 'forest bathing' has recently become popular in Japan. I have experienced the beneficial effects of forest walking first hand. I definitely feel better after a hike. If I were a doctor, I would prescribe a day a week of nature walks for everyone. It is a significant improvement in physical and mental well-being.
Exploring nature is perhaps even more fun for children than for adults, because they are more adventurous and the forest offers them a wide range of interesting things to do. I'm also happy to take schoolchildren out in the field. This is even more important than you might think because of our urban lifestyle, where it is easy to become disconnected from nature and see it as alien to our living environment, which we all have a common interest in protecting. So we need to invite children even more into the green and show them the wonder of life.
Morimus funereus and similar large arthropods are guaranteed to fascinate children. Although mushrooms are my special favourite, as a naturalist I know the local wildlife very well. Since 2017, the forest as a wonderful ecosystem has been my favourite subject. It's true, a mushroom hunter finds most mushrooms in the trees, because the forest is the perfect habitat for my favourites. It's a treasure trove of incomparable treasures, where I like to introduce adults and children alike.

I would be happy to expand my activities. The 21st century needs people like me who are intrinsically motivated to preserve and showcase these values. I am altruistic, many lectures and tours are free, but I need a financial base for my trips to collect material/expand my knowledge. Therefore, I would like you to support me with a commission.

The translation was done by DeepL.
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