The shroomer and the writer

In the early afternoon, I walked home along the canal bank, where all kinds of mushrooms grow under the hornbeams, oaks and alder trees. I was not disappointed, thanks to the rains they were plentiful. We are now having the kind of weather in September that we should have had in June. We had no early summer rain and three months of drought and heat.  It is unbelievable how many trees have died this summer. Climate change is changing our natural environment and our lives. But for now I'm glad for the rain and the mushrooms. I didn't want to pick mushrooms, but I brought some home to study. In my bag from left to right horse mushroom Agaricus arvensis, cultivated mushroom Agaricus bisporus, inkstain bolete Cyanoboletus pulverolentus. Although the latter may be fragrant bolete Lanmaoa fragrans or other bolete, which is rarer, so it is not among the common fungi I know.
It is a habitat picture of inkstain bolete. Its old fruit bodies have grown huge! According to the literature, it is a smaller mushroom. I had no idea it could be so big! Maybe it really is another fungus. Or maybe it's just the hot summer and the construction of the cycle path that has disturbed the bolete and made it go crazy. I discovered its habitat in 2017. I watched it for years, but it didn't grow. Now I have found about twenty fruiting bodies. I love it when my favourites surprise me.
In the morning, at the market, a mushroom picker brought two giant puffballs Langermannia gigantea from his garden. He was very lucky. It is one of the most sought-after mushrooms in the country. I told him to be more patient next time, because they will grow even bigger. The giant puffball prefers habitats with high nutrient soils, such as locust with nettles. Popular breaded, but also very good grilled. I've eaten it both ways. It is considered the "big game" among edible mushrooms, and its appearance signals perfect weather, which mushrooms love. And mushrooms are loved by shroomers. The shroomer part of me would be running around with sparkling eyes, and the writer part would be sitting on her butt working on the novel. I laugh at myself. I love autumn. I love nature, and I love travelling, both inside and outside. It's strange, but life gives me everything I want. I just have to be patient and persevere.

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