Autumn still life

The autumn crocus Colchium atumnale its flowers are beautiful and lovely to look at, but the plant is very poisonous. However, I love it because its flowering is a clear sign of the beginning of autumn. Békés county has been stripped of its natural vegetation with the sole aim of becoming a grain-producing region of the country. However, climate change is making the growing season increasingly dry and hot. Even in winter, rainfall is sometimes scarce. In other regions the autumn crocus blooms in masses, here there are only a few dozen.
smoky dapperling Leucoagaricus barssii has been popping up everywhere lately. The shroomer picked it in a black locust plantation. She hoped to find a parasol mushroom Macrolepiota genus. I said it was a relative of that, but we don't eat Leucoagaricus. However, the fungi and crocus became a beautiful still life.

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