After the weather changed

The macro mushroom Agaricus crocodilinus is one of the best edible mushrooms in Békés county. Its cap can be up to 30 centimetres in diameter. It was an amazing sight. I grinned as I lifted the fruiting bodies.
Now many people are mushrooming. On 20 August the weather changed. It has been a long time since September was wet and cool. I am surprised and happy. On Sunday morning from 7am to noon, a lot of people came with a lot of mushrooms. I was tired. How did I walk home? Then I rested. I didn't go anywhere today either. The shroomers will come again to me tomorrow.
I have not counted the species. I did not have time to write a species list. But there was at least 25 of them. The Agaricus were the most common ,10 species, as everyone recognizes the genus. There was an Agaricus that I don't know. Of course there were many yellow stainer A. xanthodermus. Selecting these is not always easy. I also saw "Boletus", "Xerocomus", other bolete in large numbers, 8 species. The penny bun Boletus edulis was a gift. A shroomer brought it to me from the mountains. All the other fungi grew locally! It was amazing. So there were certainly 25 species on my table.
This picture shows the fruit bodies of three species of Agaricus. The left group are all yellow painters. The mushroom on the rightmost is horse mushroom A. arvensis. The smaller fruit body next to it is also edible Agaricus. The colour of their gills was actually light greyish purple. I shone with my mobile phone's LED under their caps. Hence the unrealistic colour. Sorry. However, you can see that the mid-aged fruiting body of the poisonous A. xanthodermus has pink gills. It grows in incredible quantities in fields and forests. It's easy to pick a lot of it. Shroomers will recognise it as an Agaricus, but unfortunately it causes indigestion if the chemical smell hasn't put them off eating it.
On the way home I took some habitat photos of the mushrooms. This is the poplar fieldcap Cyclocybe cylindracea. Of course, they also brought me some of this during the morning. It is also a good, edible mushroom in Békés county. I like it too.
Although mentally I was very tired yesterday, physically I felt relatively strong despite the ill, and I detoured from the Csabacenter to the Csabagyöngye, where I took the photo. Then I got home and dropped everything. A quick cold-shower, lunch, editing the pictures, and off to bed early afternoon. I had no energy left to work on the novel. But the story is taking shape in my mind. I'm on a long journey. Just don't get carried away by the mushrooms.

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