The camera doesn't make the photographer

The other day a friend complimented my photos and said I must have a good camera. Well, I took this picture with the 8 megapixel single lens camera of a four year old cheap smartphone and did a bit of editing with the Snapseed app. I titled the picture Last Sunset. The moment before death, when we see one last time the colours and light that equals life. Then we are enveloped in nothingness, represented in the image by the black. I don't believe in the merciful lie. That is why I appreciate life and observe its phenomena with admiration. I welcome light and colour with open eyes. I see the harmony. "Oh, it's beautiful." And no matter what I have in my hand, I get the photography done. Seriously, it annoys me when people are unable to see that all creation is intellectual work. Damn, it's not technology or some miracle, it's the result of human's efforts. The writing also isn't wonder. The human mind works and creates a world out of text. By the way, photography and writing are also quite specialised activities. Animals don't do that. They are developments of human civilization.

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