The risks of mushroom consumption

On February 6, the topic of the fourth online lecture is the risks of mushroom consumption. It is a great pleasure to find good and delicious mushrooms in the summer forest. In the basket shown in the picture, after picking mushrooms in June, all mushrooms were edible. Unfortunately, mushroom-flies are very active in the heat of summer, which makes the mushrooms wormy. The one, which is fundamental, is that we do not eat wormy mushrooms. In fact, it is even more important not to go mushroom picking without basic knowledge. The most poisonous mushroom does not look at all risky if you do not recognize it.
The Amanita phalloides has a pleasant smell and taste, it does not change its color. How do I know it's delicious? Those who ate it and survived the poisoning they said it. You should not pick up the fungus with white gills, ring and volva for eating purposes, because they are definitely death cap! The color of the cap is extremely varied: green, brown, grey, white, yellow. The death cap is associated with trees, you can find it in wooded places. It also lives in city parks. I also took the photo in the city. Fortunately, serious fungus poisoning is rare, stomach upset is more common. The phenomenon of mushroom allergy exists, as mushrooms contain an amazing variety of compounds, several of which can overload our body. And in this case, our body quickly empties the stomach and intestines.
The Suillellus luridus is a mushroom that can be made edible by thorough cooking. It is an important fact that, due to the many compounds, edible mushrooms are recommended to be eaten boiled or fried. Only very few good mushrooms are edible raw! And there are mushrooms for which you really have to take seriously the warning to cook them thoroughly. These contain thermally decomposable compounds, which, in the case of raw mushrooms, are guaranteed to poison us to a lesser extent.
Now this was a little insight into the material of the presentation.

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