At the breakpoint

As a citizen, I am active in politics because I know that no one has the right to influence my life negatively for personal gain. We should talk about this first. We live in the same country! For me, it is always distasteful when someone shies away from politics, because in their minds confuse party politics (aligned against them) with real politics, which is the discussion and effective management of our public affairs. Public affairs are nobody's business, because neither the people nor the parties are concerned with them. It really looks like nobody cares about the country after all. Already as a whole community, at the level of the nation, there is no common will or vision for the future of the country. Individual selfishness and distrust are so strong that they tear initiatives apart, because I see small communities trying but giving up very quickly because of external pressures and internal contradictions. How, if at all possible, can the Hungarian nation be saved from its own negative traits? Face it, the Hungarian politician is using and playing with the negative traits for personal gain, and he doesn't care about the community. Words obscure, not reveal in Hungary. So be careful, look at the actions of the speaker! Actions, or lack of them, are a very good indicator of a person's character.
It is the curse of words (labels), and the Hungarian nation is addicted to them, that 'we' are special, victims, destined for greatness. None of this is true. Oh, how wrong it is. And these are obstacles that stand in the way of progress.
Now a cliché has come out of my mind, but the fact is that man can grow stronger and better through his struggles. The Hungarians are not willing to fight, they have given up, they are helpless hysterics, and if the "father figure" gives them a kiss, they are grateful. In the meantime, the 'father figure' is a traitor who has sold them to the East and is only interested in himself, since he has built a stadium next to his country house for his personal pleasure, using HUF 4 billion in tax money.
In the spring of 2022, Viktor Orbán embarked on a very risky gamble to protect the staggering wealth he had amassed with power. Unfortunately, this gamble is endangering the livelihoods and lives of the Hungarian people. Just think of the total decline of the health care system. If you want to live, you have to pay, but already the private health sector is extremely overburdened. Viktor Orbán has no interest in the welfare of the Hungarian people. He already has money from elsewhere and his system will work without you. So he only needs three million of the Hungarian people to legitimise his power in rigged elections. But if he leaves the EU, he won't even need that anymore and will turn into a hard dictatorship and you can just watch what the hell is going on? Nothing happens that we have not already seen in history.
I told you what to expect in 2010. You did not listen. I'm telling you now again. You don't cry for your misfortune to me in ten years' time, because I don't want to see you.

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