The suicide nation

I was in a particularly lousy mood yesterday. The life instinct was running on adrenaline all day and I would have run as long as I could. Of course, the habit was stronger and I ran one of my photo routes instead. Then in the evening I watched myself getting free likes for the beautiful photos and didn't shout that I was living on 185 euros a month. Anyway, my fault for not trusting myself or others and not learning more. Going is better than another year in Hungary, in a national digestive system that feeds off its inhabitants and brings out the worst in everyone. Yesterday I wrote a list of reasons why my country is a hopeless place.
In the 1970s, the party functionaries of the Kádár regime came up with the idea that the country would become a host to the assembly plants of Western companies. The communist descendants carried out the plan. Rather than following the example of other countries that had emerged from poverty, that knowledge was the way out, the freeloaders imposed a work-based society on the population. What is particularly nauseating is that with a southern slave plantation mentality, they are recruiting guest workers from poor countries. The Hungarian people are being duped by lies broadcast from the occupied public media. The public media serves the whole of society, but in Hungary it only pushes the lies of the Orange criminal organisation into the heads of the already uneducated twenty-four hours a day. Those who cannot access the web or use it wisely will be lost forever, not only mentally but also physically. The Hungarians look particularly scary in winter! Their faces are grey and wrinkled rubber casts.
About three million people have completely lost touch with reality. Yesterday, I was very angry because one of these blind man was telling me that Putin had a very good reason for attacking Ukraine. Even the revolution of '56 and the Soviet occupation failed to drill into stupid heads that the Russian is not a friend, but an eastern conqueror, and that he will never give up this bad habit because he is crazy. Hungarian fools are eager to lie down in front of the boots of the invaders and madmen and lick their feet, because they are nothing, weak and they manufacture an ideology for themselves. Conspiracy theories are rampant. Because I'm smart enough to doubt everything and therefore always trying to add new knowledge to my existing knowledge base, I'm immune to conspiracy theories. I watch in amazement as the nonsense rages on. Then my mind jerks, as if I've been kicked, and when I come to my senses, the life instinct screams again, run!
For ten years, the criminal organisation has been pushing in the public media how successful the country is, how we are the engine of the EU, how we are going to reform the Union, which is in decline. This winter, most public institutions are closed or only open for short periods. The Orange criminal organization spent the money, and now that the EU has finally turned off the money tap, it turns out that the success was a lie! The truth is that the communist cadres were too greedy for free money, they became parasites. If they knew anything, their knowledge was invalid in the 21st century. Annuity-hunting, the worship of money has poisoned the whole of society. Those who have access to capital income can easily laugh at those who are forced to live on wages. There is a huge gap between capital and wage income, but it is also a global phenomenon. People who work often literally die from working too hard, for example from a heart attack.
Those who do intellectual work are faced with the fact that knowledge is worthless to the orange criminal organisation, which is doing well by keeping the country in terror, sucking people's taxes, employing third-country guest workers, serving the German and Chinese big business. The Orange regime is disconnected from the Hungarian people and no longer cares about the fate of the people. The trouble is compounded by the fact that people don't care about other people, everyone is chasing their own troubles and to make it less painful, they chase their pleasures more and more furiously. A symptom of insanity is a shopping frenzy, buying the most expensive smartphone, for example. They flash expensive phones to cover up their own shortcomings of intellect and character.
The common good, the common purpose of society and morality are lost. Nobody talks about these things. There is no public discourse because the public media is the propaganda channel of the Orange criminal organisation. I have watched the worrying process of decline over the last thirty years and I do not want to waste another year of my life on it. Unfortunately, I really have not paid attention to being a valuable commodity in the global meat market. The world is full of unnecessary people and instructive tragedies. I'll stop here because I'm starting to despair again. Panic is useless as it blocks higher mental functions and one of my strengths is my intellect. There are four forces that one can turn to in times of trouble, many people think that money is the only force, they are wrong because there is knowledge, people and nature. In fact I am a strong (wo)man and I will not follow my people of birth to destruction. There are great things in the world and I want to do good things.

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